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Our Clients In Frankston Rave About Steadfast Solutions IT Services

As a full-service technology solutions provider, there’s nothing that our team can’t do – and our clients in Frankston, Victoria know this. We constantly get notes of appreciation and thanks for the extra miles we travel to ensure their technology runs as it should – without a glitch.

Whether you run a small bayside business or a busy real estate agency, working and living in Frankston can be ideal. As a suburb of Melbourne, and alongside the bay, it’s not only beautiful but much less expensive to “set up shop” than it is in the city. And, as busy as we are serving our clients in Melbourne and Brisbane, the team at Steadfast Solutions is never too busy to serve the IT needs of our friends in Frankston.

They rely on us for our Technical Expertise and to be their Strategic IT Partners.  Through the tactical use of IT resources, we help them establish a competitive advantage and grow their businesses.  They know how using the right technology can determine their success.

Our friends in Frankston know that we’ll keep their IT infrastructures running at peak performance, whether there’s a storm, flood, or other disaster. They can access their data no matter where they are, or what time of day it is.

We keep their costs affordable managed services that they pay for on a monthly basis. Unlike with break/fix IT companies, you can count on us to be there for them, no matter how small the issue.

Some of our clients have internal IT departments. And if they have a new project or undertaking that requires extra hands, we’re there for them.

Data security is always a concern as hacking tactics are now much more sophisticated than in years past. No matter the size of their business, our clients know that we’ll keep their data protected. Even small businesses are being targeted today. No business is out of the reach of hackers and other criminals. And for those that must comply with government or industry regulations, a data breach could be extremely costly. We won’t let this happen. Our protection strategies and solutions are proactive. We can remotely monitor their networks to block intrusions without disturbing their operations.

And don’t forget WiFi Security. Without wireless access, many of our clients couldn’t run their operations efficiently. We ensure their WiFi Security with:

  • Proper WLAN design and implementation;
  • Segregated guest and operational networks;
  • High-security encryption;
  • WiFi Firewalls that make their networked computers invisible to hacking scans and probes;
  • Network Monitoring and Intrusion Detection to detect and block unauthorised access; and
  • Firmware and software upgrades.

We help our Frankston business friends save money in so many ways. This allows them to reinvest what they save back into their company to grow and expand their own client base.

Some of the most relied on money-saving solutions we offer include:

Cloud Computing. Business experts have known for years that a properly designed cloud computing strategy can save businesses money and increase their profitability, no matter what size they are. The Cloud provides organisations with the flexibility and capabilities that were once only available to their larger competitors.  For larger businesses, it offers the scalability and accessibility they require to increase their profits.

Virtualisation. Server consolidation through virtualisation uses computer server resources efficiently, so the total number of servers or server locations is reduced. You can virtualise one or two servers or aggregate a server cluster into a consolidated resource. Server consolidation reduces your hardware count and the costs associated with it while increasing the performance of servers.

Business Telephones Solutions. With our Hosted VoIP Business Phones, our Frankston clients:

  • Use a high-speed Internet connection, so they don’t need telephone lines;
  • Stay up and running when phone lines are down;
  • Save money on long-distance calls;
  • Can make/receive calls and retrieve voicemail from anywhere they have an Internet connection (from anywhere in the world);
  • Have a smart option for their travelling workforce; and
  • Benefit from scalability so they can expand or reduce their service as their needs change.

Vendor Management and Procurement Services. This includes anything that impacts their daily business functions including labour, vendor contracts, procurement processes, accounting costs, and other overhead costs related to their business operations. Our clients in Frankston know that they can count on us for anything related to technology.

We provide our clients in Frankston, Melbourne, and Brisbane ongoing value through cost-effective and affordable IT solutions. We want them to get the most return on their technology investments.  Our value-based, proactive approach provides just what they need to succeed in whatever they do.

Contact us for a complimentary assessment to show you why our clients rave about our IT Services.  Call 1300 739 335 or email us at