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What Can I Expect Working With Our IT Company?

As your trusted IT services company, Steadfast Solutions is your trusted computer solutions company. Our skilled computer repair and computer solutions professionals are trained to take care of all your computer networking and technology infrastructure.

Steadfast Solutions partners with many leading organisations like Microsoft, IBM, HP, Fortinet, Apple, Telstra and many others. When you partner with Steadfast Solutions as your computer solutions or computer repair company, we’ll provide that extra level of expertise and support to assist your company in achieving the best results possible.

Looking For A New IT Services & Computer Solutions Partner?

Need a computer solutions company? Maybe a business computer repair firm? How about a new IT company for your organisation?

“Thank you Steadfast Solutions for all your help”

“We originally had only two phone lines with our old on-premise PABX phone system, which limited our productivity.  Our lines were constantly clogged up and in use, which was frustrating for us and our customers.  We engaged Steadfast Solutions, who implemented a new cloud-based PABX phone system. The best part about it all is we increased the capacity and productivity of our phone system, we have also seen our phone bill decrease.  We are very excited about our new phone system and its ability to easily be expanded as we grow.”

Ash Bassett

Their friendly staff are always readily available to assist.

“We relocated to a larger, more open planned office, which gave the company room to grow and provide space for more staff. A lot of planning went into the move to ensure that the transition to the new office went as smoothly as possible. Steadfast Solutions ensured that we had no downtime, enabling us to maintain continuity of service to our customers, which is key in the real-estate industry. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Steadfast Solutions for a relocation, a technical refresh or for daily support. Their friendly staff are always readily available to assist.”

Kerri Beinke

Thanks to Steadfast Solutions for a seamless project. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services

“Our customers are our number one priority. The new setup, created by Steadfast Solutions, has allowed us to work more efficiently and has improved out overall throughput, allowing us to spend more time with our customers and less time on background work. Thanks to Steadfast Solutions for a seamless project. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services.”

Troy Pullar, Director, and Auctioneer

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So, what are the questions that you need to be asking of potential IT company?

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Is your IT support managed and proactive?

The hallmark of modern, effective IT support is a managed services business model. Outdated providers utilise a “break/fix” model, which only fixes your technology after it’s broken. Managed services – which provide ongoing, proactive support that stops problems before they happen – is the standard for modern IT service.

Furthermore, proactive assistance that helps you plan for your future ensures that you’ll meet goals, make wise IT investments, and avoid the consequences of poor strategy. You need an IT team that’s dedicated to propelling you forward with strategic consultation that helps you plan for an effective business future.

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Do you have extensive experience?

Just as it’s important to ensure your computer services isn’t out of date, you have to make sure they’ve been around long enough to know what they’re talking about. Knowledge of the latest technology is one thing; it’s another thing entirely to have the business acumen and practical understanding that comes with successfully operating a business for more than a few years.

The fact is that the provision of technology solutions should only be the beginning of what the best IT services company should do for you. Those that are truly invested in your success will ensure that their IT services achieve real business results for your company. To that end, who would you trust more to understand what it takes to achieve real success in business? A start-up that’s barely a year old? Or a seasoned provider that’s grown and changed with the IT support industry?

In the end, a truly worthwhile IT support provider should combine the best of the old and new. Reliable and trusted business methods paired with the latest technology will help you achieve the future you’ve always wanted for your business.

Do you offer end-to-end, strategically engineered services that go beyond basic support?

Part of finding and choosing the best IT services is ensuring that their services cover all your needs as a business. You don’t want to sign on with a provider and pay them every month just to find out that you’ll have to find someone else to manage your next upgrade, IT project, or relocation, right?

Whereas most IT support providers will offer the range of standard managed services – monitoring, security services, cloud computing, etc. – not all will have the means to design, engineer, and implement specific technologies for your business. The most direct way to address this concern is by checking their qualifications; do they have engineers certified with the most sought-after name brands, such as Cisco, Citrix, IBM, Lenovo, Microsoft, or VMware?

You can trust in the providers that have dedicated the necessary time and money to hire and train employees in these vital areas because it’s clear that they know the value of comprehensive, full-service support. Anything less may provide what you need on a day-to-day basis, but as soon as you need more, you’ll be back to searching for another IT services provider.

Is your support “user-driven”?

Optimal IT comes from a combination of expert support, well-informed users, and reliable technology. Whereas most IT consultants would provide you with one or two of those components at best, the truly worthwhile providers are committed to ensuring you get all three.

They will provide reliable technology and responsive support like many others, but the real difference is how they help your staff put those resources to work. That’s what helps you become more productive and more successful.

Steadfast Solutions is proud to make it our mission to help clients achieve and exceed their business objectives with a range of proven IT solutions. With our proactive approach, we don’t just fix problems – we prevent them! From simple upgrades to complex installations, Steadfast Solutions provides high-tech IT solutions.

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If you’re looking for the best IT services, we’d love to talk to you today. The skilled and reliable Steadfast Solutions team is eager to answer your IT questions and back them up with real results. Get in touch with us get started right away.

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