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Support FAQ

Need help?

Get immediate help to common issues below

  • Try restarting your computer
  • How many tabs in your browser do you have open? Try to keep it under 5.
  • How old is your computer? We recommend min 16GB ram 512GB Hard drive
  • Is your caps lock on?
  • Have you changed your password recently and you’re still using the old one?

Call for data recovery, contact service desk, immediately & don’t turn off computer or do any further work. ..

  • Sign out and in again
  • Restart computer
  • Try reconnecting to your VPN
  • Ensure you have a network cable plugged in or wireless is turned on
  • Test that your internet is working by going to a website
  • Change the batteries
  • If there’s a wireless dongle, ensure it’s plugged in
  • Try and re-pair the device if it’s bluetooth
  • Check if anyone else is having the issue or just you
  • Reboot PC
  • Reboot printer
  • Does it work on any other port?
  • Does it work on someone else’s computer?
  • Has it been wet or damaged potentially?
  • Check if there’s a home internet connection that’s active
  • Have you changed your password recently? Are you using the new password?

If none of this works, please contact the Steadfast Solutions Helpdesk