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The collaboration hub your team has been waiting for

Improved collaboration & communication
Real-time document collaboration
Increased security
Enhanced productivity
Full transparency
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Open a new world of collaboration with Microsoft Teams

Collaboration is key to unlocking productivity and innovation in the workplace. Microsoft Teams offers an intuitive interface that can be used to connect your people, conversations, content, and work. As a chat-based workspace where teams can share ideas, get work done and get organised Teams brings together all your chats, meetings, files, and applications into one place, making it easy for you to find what you need and stay connected with your team.

Microsoft Teams takes the power of Outlook and combines it with the fluidity of a chat client like Skype or Slack to provide an experience that’s tailored to the way people work together today. With Microsoft Teams you can get instant messaging notifications from your inbox, share files, present from your desktop in real time, call phone numbers without using up your cell phone minutes and speak with other people using voice chat so you can hear each other while seeing each other’s screens.

Make your team more powerful with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has been growing in popularity among small businesses who want to have a unified communication platform, and it’s no surprise. It has been integrated with hundreds of other business applications which makes it the ultimate all-in-one workspace for businesses in every industry.

Automatic setup

Real-time secure collaboration both internally and externally

Application catalogue management

Quick integration of third-party apps

Direct access to email, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Skype

Outlook and Teams integration

Opening your world to a new way of work

Steadfast Solutions is a Microsoft Gold partner and offers Microsoft technology solutions for SMBs in Melbourne, Brisbane, and beyond. We work with you to streamline your technology needs and make it easier for your businesses to scale with the times. We also offer consulting services that help you determine what technology is best for your business and how you can use it most efficiently in your workflows. If you have a small to medium-sized business and are looking to improve the communication and collaboration of your employees, contact our team of industry-leading experts to see how we can help.