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A modern phone solution should allow you and your staff to receive and make calls with no more than an Internet connection, no matter where you are – does your current phone service offer that?

In the modern business world, you can’t afford to be stuck with a physical phone line. When your clients call, it shouldn’t matter whether you’re in the office or working from home – you should be able to take their call.

After all, a phone is no longer a phone. Whether you have your smartphone, your tablet, a laptop or a desktop computer, your incoming calls should route through a simple app, or via a browser.

If you don’t have that capability, then you’re way behind the times.

Hosted Business Telephone Systems in Australia

You Can’t Afford To Use An Outdated Phone System

Using a traditional phone system isn’t just inefficient and illogical; it’s a sign that your business is — or will soon be — obsolete. Forward-thinking business owners make sure that their interests are supported with the latest, most effective technology available today. Have you taken every possible step to support the success of your business?

Staying connected is essential for any organisation – and it’s easier than ever before, with the right technology – SSVoice

SSVoice uses cloud technology to make calls instead of a traditional phone line, granting your clients greater connectivity, more features, and reduced costs.

Do you have a cloud voice system in place right now?

The Benefits Of SSVoice (Hosted Business Telephone Services)

With SSVoice, your connectivity and means of collaboration improve, allowing your staff to stay connected and in-the-loop even when they’re on the go. A wide range of innovative features makes communications easier and more effective, helping to increase productivity and improve your workflow, regardless of your location.

Your organisation will benefit from increased flexibility. You can add or delete phones and services as needed. There’s no need to purchase additional equipment at any time, and you can reduce if needed.

SSVoice Will Keep You Connected During Quarantine

As businesses around the world consider the feasibility of a coronavirus quarantine, many are scrambling to implement technologies that will support communication and collaboration while employees work from home. SSVoice is the perfect way to keep your team communicating effectively with each other and clients.

Whether your employees are in a single location or at multiple sites, desk-bound or road-bound, taking inbound calls or making outbound calls, Steadfast Solutions can create a voice and IT solution that best fits your business communication style.