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Cut the cord and cut your costs with Unified Communications

Unified communications (voice, video conferencing, messaging, chatbots, and more) make it easier for your business to communicate with customers, suppliers, and partners with seamless technology integration. UC systems offer many different features that allow you to stay productive and competitive without having to worry about costly or complicated equipment or software setups that might need constant upgrades.

With UC solutions from Steadfast Solutions, your business can leave your communication worries behind.

UC solutions from Steadfast Solutions
Unified communications
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Cloud phone system

Cloud phones: The only phone system with the mobility you need

Due to the changing requirements of business, phone systems are now moving to cloud-hosted solutions. This allows companies to keep their phones in sync with what they need and not be left behind.

A cloud phone system is different from a traditional PBX, or your traditional business phone system, because it is designed for mobility. It can allow users to work from anywhere at any time without worrying about having the right hardware or software needed for traditional handsets.

With cloud phones, you’ll be able to maximise productivity by connecting your team members on one platform and streamline customer service by providing fast, easy access via all devices.

Business VoIP: Your communication in the cloud

With the recent advancements in technology, it is now possible to buy a VoIP phone and make calls without paying for traditional phone lines. This technology has made the internet more accessible. It has also made it easier for people to run their business without having to use conventional phone line solutions.

VoIP is a type of communication that makes use of the Internet Protocol Suite. VoIP uses packets that are routed through the Internet instead of over the phone line or analogue PSTN lines. It allows callers to leverage digital network resources rather than connect traditional telephony services.

These solutions allow companies concerned about data security and bandwidth efficiency to work around these concerns. By using software applications that route voice calls over IP networks instead of traditional PBXs, which require expensive infrastructure installation and require proprietary hardware that limits their use to only those who can afford the expense, your communication becomes more secure and less costly.

VoIP phone
Your Communication in the Cloud
Cloud Based Phone Solutions

Cloud PBX: The solution to your communication problems

With the rising number of mobile users, most businesses are opting for cloud-based phone solutions to help their employees stay connected even when they’re on the go. These solutions are better suited for today’s business world with its ever-changing workforce.

Cloud PBX systems allow businesses to maintain a certain level of control over their communications while still saving money and time by switching to an online solution that can be managed remotely.

PBX systems are designed to provide phone services over traditional phone lines as well as internet based VOIP services so that all companies have access to these convenient communication tools.

Connect like never before with Microsoft Teams Direct Dial

With Microsoft Teams Direct Dial and Steadfast Solutions, you can have access to a business-class VoIP phone service with no PBX required. Microsoft Teams Direct Dial is perfect for small businesses with their own VoIP service and free phone lines.

Microsoft Teams Direct Dial saves companies time and resources and allows them to focus on other areas of their business. The service’s intuitive design and use of the latest technology make it easy to manage and use for any size company, so you can focus more on the important things.

Teams Direct Support
Team conversations and files together in one place

Providing your business with communication alternatives

Steadfast Solutions provides cloud-based phone solutions that Australian SMBs can take advantage of to reduce costs and implement a digital workplace.

A traditional phone system has many moving parts and often needs expensive hardware upgrades to stay up to date. Our cloud phone solutions run on the internet and don’t require additional costs. We also offer hybrid solutions to provide your business with the flexibility it needs. So, if you’re looking to implement a digital workspace with less hassle and cost, contact our cloud phone experts at Steadfast Solutions.

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