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Steadfast Solutions Just Named Silver Microsoft Partner!

Steadfast Solutions is pleased to announce that they are now official Microsoft Silver Partners for Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions. Steadfast Solutions works with you directly to achieve the results that you want. If the expertise you require is from another area that needs just a bit more experience, they have great partners, including Microsoft, to support and assist them in achieving the best possible result.

Microsoft Partner in Melbourne

Along with their new Silver Microsoft Partner certification, Steadfast Solutions offers cloud-based computing and data storage such as Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure. Steadfast Solutions is an industry leader when it comes to providing cloud solutions and they want to help you find just the right application of this new technology to help your business do more.

But What Does This All Mean For Your Small or Midmarket Business?

Did you know that cloud-based computing can boost your staff productivity and protect your sensitive business data from being lost in worst-case disaster scenarios?

Many businesses are now implementing services through the cloud to gain more than just better mobility. Cloud-based solutions are shortening the technology gap between small and large businesses since it enables users to leverage enterprise-grade solutions at small business prices.

Steadfast Solutions can also help you move your data to storage space in the cloud. By moving your vital data to the cloud, you will be able to enjoy greater security, an increased accessibility, and lowered costs. Instead of storing your data onsite, you can reduce costly local hardware by storing your files in the cloud, where they’ll be safe and easily accessible by you and your staff. Steadfast Solutions can provide a virtual infrastructure that will allow you to minimize your physical hardware, by utilising cloud-based counterparts, such as virtual servers, virtual desktops and more.

Migration to Amazon Web Services is also made easier with Steadfast Solutions. They can ensure a smooth migration of your core infrastructure to a cloud-based Amazon Web Services (AWS) configuration. You can cut costs by hosting off-site and benefit from a totally scalable configuration that fits your small or midmarket business needs.

With our expert help, you won’t have to worry that any files will be missing in your new cloud setup.

What’s So Special About Microsoft Office 365?

As a leading name in cloud business productivity, Microsoft Office 365 has a plethora of services and features designed to help you and your small or midsized business do more each day. You are probably already using applications such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Outlook to get your work done on a daily basis. Now, imagine how useful those apps would be once they were fully configured in the cloud. This is what Microsoft Office 365 can offer you and your small or midmarket business.

Steadfast Solutions can smooth your migration to Microsoft Office 365 services and email with industry-leading practices. With our help, you can be sure that no email, file or calendar is missing from your newly configured setup.

Microsoft Office 365 connects each and every Microsoft application (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more) in the cloud, which makes accomplishing your tasks more convenient and user-friendly. Due to the very nature of Microsoft Office 365 and cloud computing, there is almost no up-front capital required to pay for any physical hardware or the space to store it. In addition, pay-as-you-go pricing offers both predictability and flexibility in your budgeting process.

Microsoft Office 365 helps you keep content, meetings, and contacts synced across all your devices for use on the go when you’re away from the office.

Cloud Computing Is Just The Tip of The Iceberg.

Steadfast Solutions is proud to offer a valuable range of vital IT services and solutions, including:

  • Managed IT Services- Our uniquely developed managed service offering provides a range of features to ensure that your IT is effective, reliable and well supported.
  • IT Security- From managed Wi-Fi to email encryption, our team of cybersecurity experts can equip your business with a range of protective measures to keep you safe from viruses, malware, and ransomware.
  • Business Continuity- Our multi-step approach to business continuity and disaster recovery will help you to develop a clear strategy for how to act in the event of a disaster in order to protect your assets and return to an operational state as quickly as possible.
  • VCIO Solutions- As your Virtual Chief Information Officer, we will help you plan your technology to properly support your business as it grows with a detailed and actionable IT roadmap.

Steadfast Solutions offers a committed IT service that allows you to focus on your business goals. To learn more about our cloud services and what a Silver Microsoft Partner can do for your business, contact us today on 1300 739 335 or send us an email at