Co managed IT services

Co Managed IT Services [Updated 2024]

How does your company access IT expertise and resources at a reasonable rate? Businesses that depend on their internal IT professionals to keep internal systems, networks, and devices running smoothly day-to-day, while also working towards the business’s goals and objectives, should think of changing this approach. 

This is where the concept of co managed IT comes into play, offering a cost-effective solution to managing infrastructure needs. Co managed IT ensures your business operations are supported by both the technical expertise of external professionals and the nuanced understanding of your full-time staff.

If your current IT structure does not support the industry changes or it is becoming expensive to manage an internal IT system, consider outsourcing co managed services from a third party. Your business will benefit from working with the right managed service providers.

What Is Co Managed IT?

Co managed IT is a partnership between a business’s internal IT team and an external managed service provider (MSP). These services include a broad spectrum, from advanced cyber security measures, to the day-to-day management of hardware and software systems.

The essence of co managed IT is to create a synergy that maximises the efficiency of your business operations. While your internal team continues to handle aspects they are familiar with, the external provider brings in additional support, sophisticated tools, and industry best practices. 

This arrangement is particularly beneficial for small to medium sized businesses (SMBs), and those that want to expand their services without overburdening their full-time staff. It allows for a more cost-effective approach to IT management, offering technical support and strategic guidance aimed at growing your business.

5 Benefits of Co Managed IT Services

Free Up Internal IT Team

By offloading routine maintenance and day-to-day management of hardware and software systems to the external provider, your in-house staff can redirect their focus towards strategic projects that align more closely with your core business goals. This shift not only enhances the productivity of your team but also enables them to contribute more meaningfully to the growth and innovation within your business.

Lower IT-Related Costs

Co managed services generally operate on a fixed-cost model, which provides predictable expenses and helps in better budget management. This arrangement allows for accessing high-level technical expertise and advanced technology without the substantial capital investment typically required for such resources.

Access to IT Experts

External providers bring a wealth of experience and a broad perspective, having worked across various industries and technologies. This expertise is invaluable in addressing complex IT challenges, discovering the latest technological advancements, and ensuring that your IT infrastructure is both up-to-date and aligned to your business goals.

Cyber Security Support

External IT providers stay updated on the latest security trends and threats, ensuring that your business’s data, mobile devices, and networks are safeguarded with the most current and effective security protocols. This proactive approach to cyber security offers peace of mind, protects your business from cyber risks, and provides a proactive approach in the event of a cyber incident.

Improved IT Performance

With a combination of your internal team’s intimate understanding of your business and the external provider’s technical prowess, IT systems are managed more efficiently and effectively. Regular maintenance, timely upgrades, and strategic planning contribute to enhanced system reliability and performance. This seamless operation of IT infrastructure ensures that your business operations run smoothly, supporting your overall business objectives.

Service Models Co Managed IT Providers Offer

Co managed service offerings cater to the unique needs of different businesses. Understanding the various models can help organisations choose the most suitable approach to complement their existing IT structure.

On-Demand Support

This model is ideal for businesses that require occasional expert assistance. It provides access to specialised skills and resources as and when needed, without the commitment of a full-time arrangement.

Specialised Project Assistance

For businesses undertaking specific projects that require niche expertise or additional manpower, this model offers the necessary support. It includes everything from system migrations to software deployments, ensuring projects are completed efficiently and effectively.

Ongoing Strategic Planning

This model focuses on long-term IT planning and strategy. It includes regular consultations and planning sessions to align IT initiatives with business goals, ensuring sustainable growth and technological advancement.

Advanced Cyber Security Measures

Given the critical importance of cyber security, this model provides focused security management, from routine monitoring to the implementation of advanced security protocols.

Proactive Maintenance and Monitoring

This service model ensures that IT systems are always running optimally. It includes regular check-ups, updates, and monitoring to prevent issues before they arise.

User Support and Training

This model emphasises empowering the in-house team and end-users through training and support, enhancing the overall IT proficiency within the organisation.

Steadfast Solutions: Your Ally for Co Managed IT Support Services

We offer flexible and strategic approaches to managing your IT needs. Whether you need on-demand expertise, strategic planning support, or enhanced cyber security measures, Steadfast Solutions can provide the support you need to keep your business running smoothly and securely.

Reach out to us today, and find out how our co managed IT services can be customised to support and grow your business.