Popular Dating App Reported for Breach

Popular Dating App Reported for Breach of Privacy Rules

The popular dating app Grindr was just reported for using personal user information without user consent. Read this blog to learn more about the trending news.  

The dating world has completely changed over the past few years. With the rise in software and technology, singles are now turning to dating apps to find their next mate. With the busy schedules, we all have, these dating apps make sense for a lot of people. According to IBISWorld.com, the Dating Services industry in Australia saw a 6.8% growth from 2014 to 2019.

But just like all technology out there, there is always a risk of security and privacy issues.

Just recently, the dating app Grindr has been the subject of a serious complaint. The complaint made by the Norwegian Consumer Council (NCC) states that there is a breach of privacy rules that were set out in the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation, which was in 2018.

grindr data privacy issues in Australia

Complaint Details

This complaint came during an Investigative Report by the NCC, which was done to expose concerns relating to how dating apps transfer sensitive information to advertising firms without the consent or knowledge of the user. This data includes:

  • User’s sexual preferences
  • Health details
  • Race
  • And more

However, this topic isn’t only floating around the dating app scene, but it is also a big topic of discussion that involves tons of tech companies and how they use data.

The Power of Data

We live in a time where data is working in ways that we never thought possible. Tech companies and software can now use data in a variety of ways, which opens up the door for security issues, privacy problems, and many other troublesome concerns.

With this recent breach of privacy rules, we truly never know how our “confidential data” is being used. While a company may say that they won’t use your data for advertising or other purposes, you should always take that with a grain of salt.

Lengthy Terms and Conditions

One of the problems surrounding this topic is that company terms and conditions are far too lengthy. Yes, it’s understandable that a company has to provide all of the terms and conditions regarding the use of specific software. Still, they have to work towards making key aspects easily known, and they should work on condensing these documents if possible.

Companies should aim their focus on greater transparency with their users, and build trust that user data won’t be used behind their backs.

Knowledge is Power

In the wake of this breach of privacy rules, this shows that users must be skeptical whenever they submit any personal information on the web or a mobile device. Furthermore, although it may be difficult, users must do their best to understand the terms and conditions before agreeing to them.

While many people admit to never reading these lengthy documents, these privacy issues force us to pay a little closer attention to these long and tedious terms and conditions. Yes, it may take you some time to read through these documents, but doing so can prevent these companies from giving your info away to the wrong hands.

Companies must focus on a more natural way for users to understand these documents, but it’s also important for users to remain knowledgeable and informed about what they’re signing.

Businesses could highlight specific areas of the terms and conditions, or they could make these documents a little more engaging and easier to read. No matter the approach, something needs to be done for users to understand how their data will be used fully.

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