Microsoft Azure Consulting Across Australia

Microsoft Azure Consulting Across Australia

Whether you need support setting up VMs or shifting your operations to the cloud, you need trusted Microsoft Azure consulting services to take full advantage of this powerful platform for change.

With cloud infrastructure sales on the rise across Australia, it’s no surprise that the Microsoft Azure platform is growing steadily within the region. According to the Cloud IT Infrastructure Tracking Report, cloud computing platforms are expected to grow by 59.1%, dramatically higher than either storage platforms or ethernet switches. With all of the shifting to cloud-based storage and deployment, it can be challenging to find a trusted and reliable cloud partner that offers Microsoft Azure consulting and support. In Australia alone, the managed cloud services model is expected to reach $3 billion by 2022 — painting a picture that could include a serious shortage of trained and certified Azure leaders and technicians in this fast-growing area of the cloud services market. With all the potential that Azure offers to streamline operations and quickly scale your company, it’s vital to have adequate levels of support as you move into the future.

Microsoft Azure Consulting In Australia

Trusted Microsoft Azure Consulting Services

There are multiple considerations for security and compliance, and keeping track of the latest requirements can be quite a challenge if your teams are not working in this world daily. When you work with Microsoft Azure consulting professionals, you are gaining additional insight from across multiple business verticals to ensure you are making the best possible decisions for your organisation. When you need to scale your infrastructure without adding unnecessary complexity, you must be ticking all the boxes to create a fully secure and compliant deployment package.

Rapid and Secure Virtual Machine (VM) Setup in Azure

Building servers used to include a multi-week project that included buying and provisioning servers, adding security, testing and ultimately deployment. While many of these activities are still required today, they are often performed at scale by adding virtual machines to your Microsoft Azure lineup. With proactive Microsoft Azure consulting support to help determine best-practices, many companies are finding that using VMs can keep their budget in check through per-second billing — so you are only paying for your exact usage quantities in any given timeframe. Microsoft Azure provides options for every workload while supporting both Microsoft Windows or Linux images. Having a trusted resource at the ready to ensure that you are creating fully-compliant virtual machines allows internal teams to look for other options to improve operational efficiency and reduce overhead.

Steadfast Solutions: Australia’s Top Microsoft Azure Consulting Experts

Gain access to a reliable team of Microsoft Azure experts when you contact Steadfast Solutions, the leading IT support company in Australia. Our team has deep experience working with Azure, providing enterprise-grade cloud solutions that will help reduce hosting costs and provide you with the scalable configurations that you need to grow your business. Contact Steadfast Solutions at 1300 739 335 for more information or schedule a complimentary consultation online anytime. With the professionals from Steadfast Solutions helping with your Azure rollout and upgrades, your team will be able to focus on meeting — and exceeding — your business goals.