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Managed IT Services For Australian Non-Profits

Seven Ways Managed IT Providers Can Help Non-Profits

Running a non-profit organisation takes a ton of time without dealing with tech issues. Here are seven ways that managed IT providers can assist non-profits.  

Running a non-profit organisation takes a ton of time and effort. While you’re busy spending time focusing on causes that are near and dear to your heart, an outside managed IT provider can help you handle all of your tech needs. Here are seven ways that managed IT providers can assist non-profits.

#1: Tech Budgeting

One main area where managed tech providers can help non-profit organisations is with tech budgeting. Making decisions on how much money to spend on computers and other devices can sometimes be a challenge for many organisations who want to save as much as possible to ensure the majority of their funds are going towards critical causes. Working with an outside consultant can ensure that each dollar counts without sacrificing the equipment and software needed to run effectively.

#2: Donor Management

Donor management is another way managed IT companies help non-profits. There are numerous software platforms out there to help solicit donations and keep track of a database of previous donors. Tech services providers can assist in setting these programs up while doing so in a manner that keeps private information secure.

#3: Data Security

Taking the above idea a step further, another area where managed IT companies can assist is data security and compliance. While this is an important topic for all types of businesses, it is especially crucial for non-profit organizations who wouldn’t have the resources to recover in the event of a breach.

Furthermore, hiring an outside expert ensures that all governmental guidelines are being followed without having to dedicate an employee of the non-profit to learn all the regulations. This alone is why many charities and other organizations opt to work with outside consultants.

#4: Strategic Planning

Many non-profit organisations overlook the importance of strategic planning, and that’s another area where working with a tech expert is wise. Technology is continuously evolving, and having a plan for how your non-profit is going to incorporate it into your workflow is essential. By working with a trusted expert, you can rest assured that you’re getting the right advice for the needs of your organisation.

#5: Cloud Services

Many non-profit organisations are adopting the use of cloud services as part of their tech programs. However, initial implementation can sometimes be a bit detailed and confusing. Instead of having to dedicate an employee to this cause, a managed tech provider can help get everything situated and set up knowledgeably so that you can enjoy the benefits of cloud computing effectively.

#6: Mobile Services

Mobile services are another way tech experts help non-profits. Having the ability to take a random donation on the go or while at an event is crucial, and the right mobile setup can make a big difference in how smoothly it goes. Managed IT providers can assist with everything from choosing smartphones and tablets to selecting the right apps and software needed to make it work to your needs.

#7: Tech Support

Finally, managed IT providers help non-profit organisations by offering tech support on demand. Nobody wants to deal with tech system outages, and having a trusted partner to call if something should occur is essential.

In short, it is a good idea for non-profit organisations to hire an outside managed tech provider. These seven reasons are just the start, but they do give you a reasonable expectation of what hiring a tech expert could do for your non-profit organisation.

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