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The “What?” and “Why?” of Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services for Companies in Melbourne and Brisbane

Managed IT Services. You may have heard the term before, but maybe you have never had anyone explain it very well. Managed IT Services is a proactive way to approach the implementation, configuration, maintenance, management, operational monitoring, and security monitoring of a company’s IT infrastructure and cloud assets. The Managed IT Services model differs from the break/fix computer repair model in that it is a complete IT support solution customised to the needs of your Melbourne or Brisbane company’s needs and packaged in a recurring monthly fee. Managed IT Services focus on keeping your IT systems running flawlessly instead of scrambling to fix your IT systems when they break down – over and over again.

What Services Are Typically Packaged in a Managed IT Services Agreement?

The services needed – and at what levels – vary from company to company, but in general, the following are the most commonly bundled IT support services within a Managed IT Services agreement.

Why Hire A Company to Provide Managed IT Services for Your Melbourne or Brisbane Business?

We don’t want you to jump on the Managed IT Services bandwagon because it is the most modern IT support model available. After all, just because it’s new, doesn’t mean it’s for you. What we DO want you to do is to consider the benefits of Managed IT Services, weigh your options, and make a decision that will help your business be more productive and reach more of your potential customers here in Australia and across the globe.

Why hire a Managed IT Services Provider? Let us give you four BIG reasons!

  1. Someone On Your Side – Sure, every IT support company in Australia is going to say, “We’re on your side!” But are they really? Do they make the bulk of their money when your IT systems are down, and your productivity is at a standstill, or have they embraced a proactive model that rewards them financially if they keep your systems running seamlessly? Let’s be real. A company can’t say, “We’re on your side” if they make their money off of your company’s pain and stress.
  2. Someone to Secure Your Business – Too many companies are falling prey to cybercrime. It’s a global epidemic. The truth of the matter is that you and your employees don’t have time to do your daily work PLUS stay on top of present and horizon-level cyber threats. It’s just not possible. Hiring someone to maintain your IT security, monitor your system for potential risks, and respond to those threats as needed just makes good business sense.
  3. Someone to Give Your Staff the Right Answers and Respond to Troubleshooting Requests – Your employees are at their best when they have a place to go to ask IT questions specific to their systems and their business model. Sure, they could Google an answer or two. But how long will that take? Will they get the right information? What if the problem is bigger than just an answer? What if troubleshooting is needed to fix a nagging issue that is slowing down their work and keeping them from performing at their best? Managed IT Services with a built-in 24/7 help desk is the answer.
  4. Someone With a Plan to Detect Anomalies and Remediate BEFORE Small Issues Become Big Problems – No business can afford to be put offline by small IT issues that could be noticed and dealt with proactively. Unfortunately, this is exactly what the break/fix model does. It allows IT problems to fester and drain the efficiency from a company’s workflow until one day the small issue becomes a big problem and the entire system goes down. By implementing security and operational monitoring, IT issues – even little ones – can be spotted and remediation can often happen remotely in the background without interrupting the internal processes of the client company.

What Are The Benefits of Moving Your IT Systems Into the Care of a Managed IT Services Provider?

The Steadfast Solutions team is a group of skilled IT professionals. We love what we do, and we believe that our services could be of great benefit to every Melbourne and Brisbane company. If we didn’t have that belief and drive, we wouldn’t be as effective as we are for our clients.

At the same time, we are realists.

We know that you have to see the benefit of our services to you, your employees, and your company’s growth if you are going to “sign on the dotted line.”

So, let us show you the benefits of Managed IT Services!

  • Vendor Management – Your IT systems are made up of various hardware, software, and cloud components. Each piece of the puzzle has its own vendor, licensing, and warranties. But why should you sit on the phone for endless hours waiting for an answer from a vendor? We already have working relationships with the major technology vendors and would be glad to put those relationships to work for you.
  • Flexibility and Scale – With an in-house IT team, gaining the flexibility and scale you need to effectively run your business through the times of business fluctuation and cycles of growth can be a challenge – if not impossible. The advantage of having an outsourced IT team is that you can access as little or as much IT support as your company needs as it walks through its stages of forward
  • Business Resilience – Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity is part of your overall business strategy. You’ve talked over with your board members what would happen if you faced a localised disaster such as fire, flood, criminal act, or extended power outage. But have you put a plan in place for your IT assets? What about your data, proprietary applications, and client databases? A Managed IT Services provider will ensure that you are ready to face whatever comes your way.
  • Reduce Risk – By using best practices, policies, protocols, and effective IT governance, a Managed IT Services team will help your Melbourne or Brisbane company to avoid risks that are inherent in doing business in a cloud-based global marketplace.
  • Access to a Team With Skills – It’s not hard to hire an internal IT technician. The problem is, one guy – or even a few guys that form the “IT department” – can’t bring to the table the diversity of skills and experience that an entire team of outsourced IT professionals can deliver. And when the numbers are tallied, internal IT teams are dramatically more expensive than outsourced, outside IT support.
  • Technology Innovation – We have discussed earlier how difficult it is for your employees – even IT department employees – to stay on top of cutting-edge technology. Why? Because your regular employees are focused on their daily work, and if you have an internal IT employee, he/she is likely mired in endless day-to-day tasks. This results in your company falling behind in the race to use technology as a competitive advantage for efficiency and productivity.
  • Efficiency – When best practices intersect with the best in automation, integration, employee training, and proactive IT maintenance, efficiency is the result. The Steadfast Solutions team focuses on caring for technology so your employees can be more effective in the work they are tasked to do.

Want to know more about Managed IT Services? We have tons of information for you Continue reading.