Top Tier IT Security for Australia

Top-Tier IT Security for Australia Businesses

Are you relying on anti-virus software and company cybersecurity guidelines to keep your business safe from hackers? If so, you could be putting your valuable business data at risk of a breach. Statistics show that nearly 50% of all small to mid-size enterprises have experienced a cyber incident and notifiable data breaches are on the rise. No business or industry is immune, as is evidenced by the fact that entities ranging from the Australian Defense Force to Toll Group have been targeted by malicious third parties online.

Experts advise taking a comprehensive, multi-layered approach to cybersecurity by using a variety of tools and strategies to keep hackers at bay. That’s why Steadfast Solutions uses cutting-edge methods and equipment to protect your business at all times. Our team of experienced IT cybersecurity experts has more than sixteen years of experience maintaining high cybersecurity standards for companies throughout Australia; furthermore, we stay abreast of industry developments and trends to ensure you’re getting the cutting-edge solutions and assistance you need and deserve.

IT Security from Steadfast Solutions

What toes top-tier IT security look like? Read on to discover what our multi-layered approach to cybersecurity can do for your business.

Cybersecurity Software

We offer the best anti-virus and anti-malware programs on the market. What's more, we monitor these programs for you, updating them regularly to ensure they're able to catch even the newest threats. Additionally, Steadfast Solutions partners with <a href="" data-wpil-monitor-id="150">Fortinet</a> to provide you with access to the best next-generation firewall software on the market.

Endpoint Security

In today's world, securing your office computers alone isn't enough. Endpoint security ensures that every single device that connects to your network is fully secure so it cannot be used as a conduit for hackers. Our <a href="" data-wpil-monitor-id="194">endpoint security services</a> allow you, your employees, your subcontractors, and your suppliers to connect to your IT set-up securely using business computers, personal computers, or smartphones.

Encrypted Email Services

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s Scamwatch program reports that a whopping 63% of all business losses are caused by business email compromise. All it takes is a single click on what looks like a legitimate business email to crash your systems and give hackers access to your invaluable data. That’s why we use Microsoft Office 365 email encryption service to incoming and outgoing emails safe at all times.

Cloud Security

Using the cloud will undoubtedly improve your overall IT cybersecurity but only if you do it right. Sadly, a whopping 80% of business owners aren’t mitigating cloud vulnerabilities, putting themselves and their customers at risk of a data breach.

Steadfast Solutions offers a wide range of cloud services. If your business hasn’t fully transitioned to the cloud, we’ll work with you to select a secure cloud storage set-up that meets your current needs and can be easily scaled to help you grow in the future. We can compartmentalize your data so that only employees who need to see certain folders have access to them, thus limiting the cybersecurity damage that can be done by human error.

Steadfast Solutions also offers real-time back-up systems. Our back-up plans are fully monitored and periodically tested so you can rest assured you’ll have full access to all your business data in the wake of a ransomware attack, natural disaster, or IT hardware/software breakdown.

Fulltime Monitoring and Support

Hackers never take a break and neither do we. Steadfast Solutions offer 24/7 network monitoring and support to proactively look for and eliminate vulnerabilities that hackers could use to gain access to your systems. We also continually update all your software programs to ensure they’re fully secure at all times.

Steadfast Solutions also conducts regular risk assessments to assess your IT cybersecurity and recommend changes that will make your systems run more securely and efficiently than ever before. These assessments don’t interrupt your regular work schedule but they do ensure your systems cannot be breached by malicious third parties either now or in the future.

Top-Tier IT Hardware and Software

Having access to the best IT tools on the market will help you keep your systems safe from unauthorized access. That’s why we partner with Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Telstra, Fortinet, Vocus Communications, Hewlett Packard, StorageCraft, Cisco, and other leading technology companies to create customized cybersecurity solutions that are the perfect fit for your business.

Would you like to fully secure your IT set-up, create an optimized, efficient work environment that will improve employee productivity, gain access to IT tools and technology that will boost sales and profits, and empower your business to reach its core goals faster and easier than would have otherwise been possible? If so, get in touch with us at your convenience to learn more about our IT managed services or to schedule an appointment with our IT security experts. Our team gets high marks from current and former clients for providing professional, efficient, friendly customer service, and we look forward to partnering with you to grow your business.