Fortinet Support in Australia

Fortinet Support In Australia

Simple Fortinet Support Solutions That Keep Your Data Secure. Ensure your company’s critical data stays safe and your business structure intact with the help of experienced Fortinet experts.

Comprehensive Security Support Has Never Been Easier for Australian Businesses
Cybersecurity threats have evolved into a multi-trillion (AUD) endeavor since the birth of the Internet, costing businesses more than ever before when hackers are successful at obtaining sensitive data for fraudulent purposes. Fortinet experts at Steadfast Solutions are dedicated to protecting your business infrastructure, network, and sensitive customer data with the latest tools and technologies available in the network security landscape. We provide comprehensive security support as an outsourced provider or augment your in-house IT staff to offer end-to-end protection you can trust.

When your proprietary and customer data is at stake, it’s important that your security be dependable and steadfast. We can help.

Fortinet 101

Steadfast Solutions has selected Fortinet Security to offer clients the most effective network protection available in a single program or service. We’ve seen Fortinet in action and are excited to provide our valued customers with superior security options that are simple and straightforward to implement.

What is Fortinet?

Fortinet is one of the highest-ranked security appliances in the world. The architecture of Fortinet Security Fabric provides intelligent security solutions for computer applications, mobile devices, and cloud computing for nearly half a million businesses across the globe. Designed to protect against even the most sophisticated security threats, Fortinet is a high-performing, all-in-one security solution that offers an unparalleled level of reliability. We choose to use Fortinet for the robust number of security features it offers on nearly every level; instead of using multiple applications, Fortinet provides superior security in a single package.

Is Fortinet Security right for your business? We’ll break down what you’re getting with your service so you can make an informed decision about choosing the right security solution for your company.

How Fortinet Solutions Can Help Your Company

There are numerous benefits of Fortinet solutions for businesses in Australia, including but not limited to:

Intelligent Security Tools

Fortinet uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to review and analyse more than 100 billion security events every day. Live threat monitoring and advanced analytics offer information about potential security breaches in real-time, allowing for a much larger view of the security landscape and the creation of smart strategies to combat the ever-growing sophistication of hackers. These tools allow for security breaches to be intercepted before hackers are successful at penetrating your network and obtaining sensitive company data.

Comprehensive Cloud Security

Cloud computing is the new normal and companies across Australia are transitioning to cloud storage, servers, and applications. This naturally requires your business to put sensitive data, such as customer identifying information and trade secrets, online. Robust cloud security is critical for today’s businesses to protect data from being leaked, deleted, or stolen. Cloud security methods offered by Fortinet include but aren’t limited to end-to-end encryption, regulatory compliance, and protection against unauthorised network access.

Enhanced Network Security

Network security policies and processes are designed to protect the traffic and business assets accessible from your network from malicious cyberattacks, theft, and loss. Fortinet takes a multi-layer approach to enhanced network security by offering protection both inside your company’s network and along the edges. There are multiple dozens of security tools available that protect your business’ critical applications, computer hardware, mobile devices, network users, and more. Enhanced network security is imperative for protection against growing online threats to today’s businesses and we leave no area of your network untouched when mapping out your security strategy.

Multifactor Authentication

Fortinet employs “zero-trust” network access, allowing your company to keep tabs on all users and devices accessing your network. Multi-factor authentication offers proactive protection against new threats, the large majority of which come from the compromisation of user accounts and passwords. Dynamic micro-segmentation allows your business to identify, profile, and monitor all devices on your network. You can maintain complete control over secure, centralized authentication that applies to every user that accesses your network, no matter who they are or where they’re accessing your network from.

Why Choose Steadfast Solutions for Your Fortinet Support Needs?

At Steadfast Solutions, we know how challenging it can be for businesses to manage network security and everything that comes along with it. You’re focused on operating and growing your business, and unless you’re an IT expert yourself, many components of good security are just too complex. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing our valued clients with comprehensive, affordable Fortinet support services. Our Fortinet experts understand just about everything there is to know about the platform and can help you optimise your products to offer the best possible performance.

We take the time to offer each of our team members expert training and invest in developing their knowledge and skillsets. When you work with us, you can trust that our technicians are well-versed in the hardware, software, and security applications your business is using and that your network will have end-to-end protection at all times.

Contact the #1 Rated Fortinet Support Company In Australia Today

When your company’s network is sufficiently secure and operating smoothly within the parameters you define, your team can focus on growing your business. You can rely on easily accessible data and seamless technology to identify and eliminate threats before they impact your company. A data breach not only threatens your entire network, but it also threatens your bottom line. The more downtime your business has after a data breach and the more data that cannot be recovered, the greater the cost of the security event. Being able to ward off potential threats and to minimize damage when security breaches do occur is crucial to the survival and success of your business.

For network protection, you can trust, call the #1 rated Fortinet support company in Australia now. Steadfast Solutions is available now to discuss your cybersecurity needs and help you develop a multi-pronged security infrastructure that makes breaching your network close to impossible. Contact us today to learn more at 1300 739 335.