Guide to Ribbon Communications

Comprehensive Guide to Ribbon Communications

Enterprises and service providers around the globe trust software and network solutions from Ribbon Communications. The solutions help organizations secure and advance their networks and are used by financial institutions, healthcare providers, the transport industry, defence, and government agencies.

Ribbon Communications stands out from the crowd because its products are crafted to address mission-critical activities. They’re more resilient, fault-tolerant, secure, and offer more scalability than competitive offerings.

The network provider’s products thrive in multi-vendor setups and leverage open standards. You won’t be limited to a single vendor. Ribbon can unify legacy landscapes designed from mergers and corporate acquisitions. Government agencies and corporations now enjoy cost-effective, secure, and innovative real-time communications solutions. What’s more, they are more effective than alternative proprietary UC and PBX products.

Why are More Organizations Relying on Ribbon Communications?

Ribbon solutions are deployed across sophisticated enterprises and service providers globally.

The communication network provider’s SBC SWe Lite with the Quick Launch Wizard from Azure can dramatically lower the duration required to instantiate and set up direct routing voice services for clients on Microsoft Teams in minutes. The latest version (8.1) also offers SILK media services that facilitate quality voice calling in Teams over low-quality or low-bandwidth connections.

You’ll get these SILK media services at approximately 33% of what you’ll pay for Azure Virtual Machines for competitive solutions. The price points uniquely address small and medium-sized entities’ needs.

The latest SBC SWe Lite version includes a media bypass that improves voice quality. It creates a better, seamless Team experience by storing the call local’s media portion. This makes it a better concept than the relatively ineffective “hair-pinning” of media to the cloud.

Enterprise communications

You can count on Ribbon for enterprise communications and network solutions to secure and advance your environment and facilitate seamless cloud migration.

Ribbon solutions are more resilient, fault-tolerant, and secure and offer more scalability than competitive offerings.

Session Border Controllers for Enterprises

The current multi-vendor networks rely on interoperability and security for assurance that all the network elements can communicate securely and effectively. Ribbon SBC can offer robust SIP interoperability and security with legacy communication systems, international standards, and many more benefits.

You have access to the industry’s vast portfolio of Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams-qualified SBCs. Hence, different solutions for efficient, secure, and intelligent communication. The SBCs drive the next generation movement to cloud services and unified communication.

Utility Networks

Factors like increased regulation, obsolete networks, security, and DER have forced utilities to upgrade their ICT infrastructures. Thanks to modernizations, providers can quickly reduce emissions, offer new services, and beef up security. For most companies, the transition isn’t easy. But Ribbon can help you simplify the process. They offer risk-free modernization, integrated threat protection for your organization’s OT and IT, and improved optimization.

Analytics and Insights

The telecommunications landscape continues to change rapidly. Organizations now have to boost customer satisfaction, operate their networks efficiently, improve network security, and innovate new solutions.

Factors like OTT (Over The Top) hurdles, (IoT) Internet of Things, mobile technology growth, and 5G network deployment will offer comprehensive datasets on network and subscriber behaviour, needs, and preferences. So your organization must leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence with an analytics perspective to improve network security and operations, boost satisfaction, and grow your revenue base.

Ribbon analytics encompasses security, operations, and monetization tools. It delivers vast out-of-the-box cases for subscriber growth, security, and services assurance. It leverages AI and ML to identify common problem indicators in real-time before they occur. The big data analytics platform can help your company expand its investment using many top-shelf applications that can speed up deployment and deliver substantial returns.

Ribbon’s analytics applications offer crucial Ribbon Call Trust capabilities for Ribbon Call Trust. The analytics platform provides ML-based inference engines, which analyze network call data and identify fraud calls and robocalls. The insights then undergo reputation scoring in the Ribbon Identity Hub.

Azure SBC for Microsoft Teams Through Ribbon Communications

Corporations and government agencies now rely on Teams for file-sharing, video conferencing, and chat. With Ribbon, you can easily extend the capabilities through secure routing to external telephone networks and use Teams as your office phone system.

This gives you the freedom to immediately transfer a section or all your organization’s phone calls to Microsoft Teams. You can also shift gradually from a legacy PBX, migrating based on your needs. Since Teams works on smartphones, PC, or MacBook, users communicate via calls on any device and from any location. This keeps them productive and connected.

All these capabilities are made possible by Ribbon’s SBC – SWe Lite (Session Border Controller Software Edition Lite). It’s available in the AWS or Azure cloud. It securely bridges your organization’s network with a CSP (Communication Service Provider). You’re not required to deploy or manage any hardware since you will have everything on the cloud.

The easy-to-implement solution is operational minutes after installation. And, you can scale it up or down as required. There’s some more good news: the network provider offers a trial license of 30 days to let you try it out.

Here’s an overview of the main attractions to Ribbon’s Azure SBC:

  • Microsoft Certified
  • You have up to 30 days to try it out
  • Easy to install
  • Robust security to lock out threat actors from your network
  • Comprehensive media services
  • You’re free to choose your preferred communications service provider

Ribbon’s Azure SBC software is built for compute efficiency. Small and medium-sized organizations on Azure may require just a single Standard_B1ms instance, while those on Amazon Web Service can use a T3. instance.

The Bottom Line

Organizations of different sizes secure and modernize their transport infrastructure and communication networks with Ribbon Communications products and solutions. The solutions integrate, connect, manage, and secure high-performance networks. They enable real-time communication and enhance other mission-critical applications within your network, whether your organization uses a public cloud or a private cloud.

Ribbon Communications solutions are easy to adopt and will start delivering minutes after implementation. But to get the most out of the capabilities, you need an experienced IT support agency with a successful track record. Steadfast Solutions, Ribbon Communications’s bronze partner in Australia, will help you choose the right Ribbon solutions for your organization and help you get optimal results.

Our committed IT services will let your staff focus on core business and improve their productivity. Reach out to learn how we’ll strengthen your ICT systems.