IT support companies offer businesses

What 3 services can IT support companies offer businesses?

Australian businesses are continuing to lead the pack in regard to technology investments. With an anticipated total Australian IT spend of $117.2 billion in 2022, organisations have proven that their enthusiasm for customer satisfaction and operational efficiency knows no bounds. 

In these current times of shifting market requirements and employees wanting more support for their day-to-day work devices, companies are turning to IT support companies to provide them with the technical support services they need.

IT support companies, such as managed IT service providers (MSPs), offer clients a range of services that can help them upgrade their operations and fulfil their business goals. There are 3 forms of support services an MSP can offer your business. 

They are:

Managed IT support

Managed services refers to the provision of customisable IT support to companies by an MSP. This can include installing and configuring software and networking equipment, IT consulting, device management, cloud computing services, and more. An MSP’s services vary depending on your company’s needs and industry.

A useful solution for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), MSPs will outline and define the exact scale of their services for a client in a service-level agreement (SLA). An SLA is a legal contract outlining the services an MSP will provide and the client’s role in the partnership. It also includes the consequences of not fulfilling the agreement. 

IT support companies that specialize in offering managed services can be a vital investment for businesses without the resources or IT staff to monitor and manage their technology infrastructures. The IT support provided by an MSPs team of experts gives you and your employees the ability to focus on running your business and strengthening your relationship with your customers, rather than spending time on IT issues.

Break/fix services

Break/fix services are a reactionary type of IT support. Unlike managed services which offer ongoing system monitoring and technical upkeep, break/fix services are designed to handle the unexpected, providing you with a technician who will visit your organisation, identify the roots of your IT issues, and fix them.

This form of IT support is paid by the hour. However, if the identified problems require extra tools to fix them, you will be charged extra. 

Break/fix services include:

  • Repairing hardware failures
  • Locating and fixing software errors
  • Installing new solutions into your IT infrastructures

Break/fix service plans are ideal for organisations that have simple IT systems or technical issues that may not be crippling to business productivity. As per the nature of this IT support, break/fix technicians do not provide consistent monitoring or management services. They respond to your requests for assistance, solve your problems with high-quality expertise and skills, and leave.

Co-managed IT services

From handling cyber security solutions, such as software security patching, to providing your employees with the extra support they need to install and update project management tools, co-managed IT services are a partnership in every sense of the word. 

Co-managed IT services involve an MSP and your in-house IT support staff sharing responsibilities related to your network. In these situations, co-managed services allow you to assign small, day-to-day tasks to an MSP while your tech employees can focus on completing assignments that will have a larger impact on your business.

Co-managed IT services allow you to retain autonomy over your IT systems while leveraging the specialised expertise of managed IT support professionals. Not only can this help you save resources and money, but it can also give you deeper insights into how your IT infrastructures operate and the quality of the data moving within them. 

With co-managed services, you can see how your network is functioning without having to take time away from your business and customers to monitor it yourself 24/7.

7 things to consider when hiring IT support companies

Choosing business partners is a lengthy process that will determine your company’s future. You need to vet options thoroughly and choose partners who understand your business and want the best for you and your employees. 

When hiring IT support companies, consider factors like the following 7:

  1. The types of services the company offers – look into if they offer managed IT support, data protection and disaster recovery services, cloud computing solutions, software and hardware management, etc.
  2. Communication channels – how can you contact the company? Does the MSP offer a service desk or some other way to contact them?
  3. Availability – enquire about the times they operate. Is it 24/7, or do they have set hours?
  4. Cyber security measures – how does the company protect their network, and by extension, your data?
  5. Compatibility – does the IT organisation work with medium-sized or small businesses like yours?
  6. Your business’s budget – what services can you afford, and are they relevant?
  7. Expertise – a provider of managed IT support should be certified in their field and have experience in the business technology space. 

IT support tailored to your organisation's needs

IT support companies are not just a trend in the business world – they are highly valuable technology investments that can help you overcome your IT troubles and achieve greater rates of customer retention and revenue. Your company’s technology is essential to your success, but when systems unexpectedly go down, or solutions are not operating as intended, you need reliable IT support that can help you get back on track.

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