Planning - Plan

Here Is How We Resolve Your Service Ticket

Place a call, send an email or existing customers can make use of the portal to get in touch with our technical team and the following steps will take place:

  1. Ticket LogWe log your newly generated ticket with our technical team to start the support
    process. If time permits, we always attempt to resolve your issue on first contact.
  2. Ticket Acknowledgement to ClientYou will receive an acknowledgment that your request has been accepted and
  3. Ticket ProcessingOnce the ticket has been created, we then process it to evaluate the best resource
    to handle the question or issue. Our technical team will then address and resolve
    your ticket.
  4. Ticket ClosureOnce the issue has been resolved, we close off the ticket
  5. Client NotificationYou will be promptly notified that the issue has been resolved and the
    corresponding ticket has been closed.
  6. Client SurveyTo ensure the quality of our service, we will then send you a short survey rating
    our service.

As always, if you have any enquiries, please contact Steadfast Solutions at {email} for more information.