Real Estate Firms Need The Right Cloud Services

Real estate agencies: How can the cloud provide security?

Why is everyone talking about being ‘hacked’!?

The terminology has become so prevalent in today’s society that even kids talk about ‘hacking’ into their parent’s social media accounts – by figuring out their parent’s passwords.  Of course, it’s a bit more complex in the real world, and the threat of cyber-criminals is more real than ever. In fact, today’s white collar criminals have become even more clever at stealing your personal data, your company’s data, and your client’s private information.  Imagine telling a client that their personal and property information had been stolen from your database!

So, the question becomes:

“How can the cloud provide security to real estate agencies?”

Putting your information on a server owned by someone else seems counter-intuitive when talking about security, but the truth is that the cloud is the most secure and flexible solution for real estate agencies.

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Why is the cloud a more secure place for your data than stored locally on your server?

  • By utilising our data centre footprint, we are able to provide a level of security that is potentially out of the purchasing capability of most mid-size businesses.
  • Steadfast Solutions can store your data in locations that are geo-redundant (not reliant on a particular location). If you keep all of your data on a server in the office, it can be compromised by theft, fire, flood, or accident.
  • Cloud security comes with strict protocols. These security protocols are one of the factors that set cloud security from Steadfast Solutions above any out-of-the-box security solution that your real estate agency may currently have.

Moving to the cloud for security and flexibility is nothing to be apprehensive about. The truth is that the major players in the real estate market already have their client data in the cloud!

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