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Is your existing data protection compliance the best it can be?

It’s common place in the finance industry to get a second opinion on portfolios, asset management and superannuation matters. Regardless of how trustworthy your current advisors are, it’s still a wise move to double check their recommendations with another reliable source. This is just as common when it comes to healthcare and even with basic everyday commodities. So why wouldn’t this tactic extend to your firm’s industry compliance as well?

Compliance is an ever-changing challenge for businesses of all industries, but primarily those that work in finance, from CPA’s, mortgage brokers to investment management firms. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of solutions, to assist our clients in achieving compliance in their industry.

Steadfast Solutions have an in-depth knowledge in a range of vital accounting technologies, including:

  • MYOB
  • Zero
  • HandiTax
  • QuickBooks

We have the expertise to ensure total data protection. Did you know that privacy fines are estimated to be around $1.7M for corporations or around $340K for individuals? Our team of compliance experts has extensive experience in assisting many Melbourne-based accounting firms like yours to simplify their compliance practices, helping business managers and owners enjoy peace of mind.

Want a second opinion on your current data protection compliance? Contact Steadfast Solutions on 1300 739 335 or send us an email at today to get started.