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Microsoft 365 Support

Steadfast Solutions, we offer determined Microsoft 365 support in Australia to further goals. With the right apps and IT strategy, your organisation can benefit.  

Microsoft 365 Services In Australia

Business leaders are tasked with making critical decisions about IT infrastructure to remain competitive. Given the fast-evolving nature of technology, staying relevant can be difficult. Microsoft Office 365 has emerged as a global leader due to the enhanced business benefits it offers.

“We use the best scanning techniques combined with advanced data science to monitor the market share of over 5,000 technology products, including Office Productivity. In the Office Productivity category, Microsoft 365 has a market share of about 38.1 percent,” according to Enlyft data.

According to its research, Australia businesses rank third in global use. These are the Top 5 nations benefiting from Microsoft 365.

  • United States: 603,469
  • United Kingdom: 134,630
  • Australia: 57,307
  • Canada: 51,978
  • Netherlands: 41,960

That’s why organizations throughout Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth, outsource managed IT services to third-party professionals. By enlisting a firm focused on cutting-edge and emerging IT solutions, entrepreneurs, and CEOs, among others, gain cost-effective enterprise-level sophistication. As a managed IT leader, Steadfast Solutions delivers the proven benefits of Microsoft Office 365 in Australia.

Remote Workforce Capabilities Enhance Productivity

Leveraging a Cloud-based Microsoft 365 platform allows valued team members to access data and complete projects from any location. Australian business leaders are keenly aware that failing to have remote workforce advantages can result in disruption.

Applications under the Microsoft banner facilitate project collaboration, file sharing, real-time communication, and administrative governance. Such benefits are not only business advantages during significant disruption, but they also help minimise production speed bumps when key stakeholders cannot commute to the facility due to family considerations and other important life issues.

Built-In Cybersecurity Security

Whether your team members work onsite or remotely, cybersecurity ranks among industry leaders’ most significant concerns. Given the substantial uptick in ransomware attacks and network breaches, such anxieties are more than warranted. As a leading software corporation, Microsoft integrates advanced cybersecurity options into the Office 365 package such as the following.

  • Message Encryption
  • Advanced Threat Analytics
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Data Loss Prevention

Because the platform was created for business use, it allows administrators to manage and control data. Organisation decision-makers define permissions, privileges, and other data access controls that minimise risk. Microsoft 365 also gives the administrator the power to wipe an endpoint device clean if it becomes lost or compromised. These proactive controls allow companies to craft a cybersecurity strategy and implement it within the Microsoft Office 365 framework.

Immediate Communication From Remote Locations

The communication-centric suite supports bedrock communication innovations and connectivity. Its next-generation abilities transcend common electronic platforms such as email and text messaging. By ushering in a robust real-time communication system, organisations bond and move collectively toward goal achievement. These are innovations business leaders can leverage in the Microsoft platform.

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Skype for Business
  • Outlook Groups
  • Sway
  • Yammer
  • FaceTime

These vibrant communication pathways provide a podium for captains of industry to motivate workforces and keep the ship on course.

Improved Business Intelligence

One of the trends in industry circles revolves around the notion of “working smarter, not harder.” The Office 365 package furthers that policy because it provides admins and decision-makers with critical data about client activity and employee performance. The dashboard features support data collection, organisation, and definitive analytics that highlight best practices and areas that call for improvement.

Flexibility & Budget-Friendly Scalability

Flexibility and cost-effectiveness maybe Microsoft Office 365’s defining qualities. Specific program apps can be selected to support unique business needs, and licensing costs can be added or subtracted as needed. Because of Office 365 functions as a dynamic Cloud-based system, wireless bandwidth can be budgeted based on monthly and seasonal productivity. This also means organisations will no longer need to invest in costly additional storage and operational hardware. Utilising Microsoft Office 365, in conjunction with the Cloud, reduces technology costs and overhead.

Steadfast Solutions Delivers Microsoft 365 Support In Australia

Upgrading to a Microsoft 365 subscription is no longer considered cutting edge. That’s primarily because more than 150 million users interact with the platform. Not integrating Office 365 into business productivity puts Australian outfits at a critical disadvantage. At Steadfast Solutions, our team of managed IT professionals leverage Microsoft Office 365 and other platforms to support business achievement throughout Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth. Contact Steadfast Solutions and schedule a consultation.