Keeps clients connected during the COVID 19 pandemic

Steadfast Solutions Keeps Clients Connected During The COVID-19 Pandemic

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, IT important than ever. The right technology can keep teams connected while they work from home, maintaining productivity and communication.

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As businesses around the world adapt to a new remote work setting, many are scrambling to implement technologies that will support communication and collaboration while employees work from home. Cloud-based remote access technologies are the perfect way to keep a remote team communicating and collaborating effectively with each other and clients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Case in point: we recently completed a full migration for one of our clients, moving them to a cloud-based environment and PBX phone system. Given that they and everyone else in Australia are sheltering in place, these new technologies are particularly useful for them, as they explained in a recent Facebook post:

“We took on the plan last year to move the business paperless and to a full cloud based remote operation, and with the installation of our new phone system [our business] can be operated from anywhere in the world. Timing could not have been any better with the challenges we have now. Thanks guys!!”

Are you struggling to keep your remote working employees connected and productive? Steadfast Solutions can create a solution that best fits your business’ data access and communication needs.

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