IT Support in Frankston

Business Growth: Together We Can Do It!
IT Support in Frankston

I did a Google search the other day for “IT Support in Frankston.”

To my surprise, tech support and IT services companies weren’t the only thing that came up in the search results.

“Community Support” also came up in the search results.

I thought that it was a little odd…but then it hit me.

We’re all in this together.

Every business in Frankston contributes to the community in one way or another. As one company grows, others grow as well.

As the old saying goes, “a rising tide lifts all boats.”

How Does An IT Support Company in Frankston Help Local Businesses Grow?

It’s kind of like the other community support services we have here in town. We have support groups for just about everything, and we have individual support options for people that need one-on-one help as well.

Support is just that – helping someone else deal with whatever is going wrong in their lives, get to a healthy place, and live their best life.

IT support geared toward Frankston businesses does the same thing.

A company like Steadfast Solutions helps businesses deal with whatever deficiencies their IT systems have and become more efficient and productive. The end result is that barriers to that company’s growth are removed, and processes are streamlined to enable that company to scale.

It’s Hard To Admit You Need Support, Isn’t It?

Large corporations know that they can’t do everything, so they outsource the things that they need to have done, but don’t have the in-house expertise to do.

Unfortunately, small to mid-size companies often haven’t reached the same conclusion.

Instead of realising that their time would be better spent on pro-growth projects, they spend their time in endless hours of backups, updates, upgrades, security patches, and troubleshooting.

Usually, in these situations, it is one of the company leadership that is tasked with these tedious IT maintenance jobs.


Because they can’t trust just any employee with the logins, passwords, and admin credentials needed to do the work.

The tasks of IT support are slowly sucking the productivity and forward momentum out of their Frankston business, but they often aren’t ready to admit it.

So, the cycle of break/fix/repair continues month after month, and the growth-oriented ideas and projects get put on the back burner because “We just don’t have time right now.”

What if IT Support Could Give Your Frankston Business the Freedom and IT Foundation You Need to Grow?

For some people, the term “IT support” is a strange one.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Think about it for a moment.

There are support groups, support organisations, and support counselors all over Frankston.

What’s their job?

Their job is to help people be at their best.

That’s exactly the job of the IT services company.

The job of the IT consulting and cybersecurity professionals of Steadfast Solutions is to help your company become the best version of itself.

When you have an IT support partner that aligns their interest with yours, positive things can happen.

How Does Steadfast Solutions Help Drive the Growth of Businesses Here in Frankston?

Your business doesn’t have to stay mired in the technology of the early 2000’s. You can implement newer hardware, software, and cloud-hosted applications that pull your processes into a state of higher efficiency, productivity, and profit. This involves several steps.

Step #1 – Network Assessment

In the Network Assessment stage, technicians use specialised tools to discover the capacity and efficiency numbers for your entire IT environment. Once they have gathered that data, a report is made of their finding and delivered to your business’ leadership with recommendations for next steps.

Step #2 – Implementation – Replacement of Obsolete or Vulnerable Technologies

By replacing hardware, software, or cloud assets that may pose a security risk, you improve both your company’s security posture and acquire the benefits of speed and efficiency that come along with newer technologies.

Step #3 – Integration and Automation

In the Integration and Automation step, Steadfast Solutions technicians tweak your IT systems to work better with the way YOU do business. They integrate your hardware, software, and cloud assets so each piece of technology “talks” to the other in a way that streamlines your internal processes. They automate any tedious manual processes to free up your staff’s valuable time to tackle more pressing tasks.

Step #4 – Ongoing Management, Maintenance, and Monitoring

By using an IT support model called Managed IT Services, the technology professionals of Steadfast Solutions will automatically keep your IT systems running in top form. Managed IT Services is a monthly, subscription-based IT support model. All the troubleshooting, helpdesk support, technology maintenance, and IT management your company needs are wrapped up in a simple monthly payment. This continuous IT support model provides optimal uptime for your company and promotes technology as a competitive advantage instead of simply an operational expense.

Who Is Supporting Your Company’s Growth With High-Impact IT Services?

We’re all in this together.

When your company grows, you benefit the rest of Frankston.

When your company grows, we all win.

But let’s face it, you could use a little help – or maybe a lot of help – in the technology department.

Let us be your IT support partner!

Let us help your company make the most of your technology and take the next steps of growth.

We love our community, and we’re proud to serve the business community of Frankston.

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