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What Your Business Should Expect from a Company Offering IT Services in Frankston

In the early years of European settlement, Frankston was a fishing village supplying the “catch of the day” to the larger town of Melbourne. Those early fishermen weren’t all that different from you. They were businessmen – making a living for their family and providing employment so others could feed for their own families.

Although the technology used in the early days of commercial fishing here in Australia is different than the business IT systems of today, the principle was still the same.

The equipment had to work, and in order for it to work dependably, the fishing gear had to be maintained. Boats, lines, nets – the fishermen went over it carefully before going out on the water.


Because equipment failure meant that they had to row or steam back to port to pick up new gear. That wasted everyone’s time and resulted in less fish caught for the week.

See? – Not much has changed.

Today, if your Frankston IT services company isn’t on top of its game, your business suffers from slow or crashing computers resulting in wasted employee time, low productivity, and lost revenue.

What Should You Expect from a Frankston IT Services Company?

A Partner

What’s your relationship like with your current IT services provider here in Frankston? Do they treat you and your employees like business partners, or do you feel more like a task the technician has to get off his plate before he can bill you and move on to the next client?

Is there a sense of a mutually beneficial partnership? Does your IT services provider see themselves as a catalyst for your company’s success?

Partnerships with IT companies don’t happen by accident. True win-win relationships are born out of objectives that are aligned.

So let’s ask the question.

What is the objective of your IT services company?

Is their objective to fix your computers when they break down or is it to leverage cutting-edge technology, configuration, and management protocols to ensure optimal performance of your IT systems?

A partner works diligently to provide your company with the best opportunity to succeed.

A Problem Solver

Running a business is kind of like putting together a 5,000-piece puzzle. Each piece of the puzzle has to be put in just the right place in order for the puzzle’s picture to come to life before your eyes.

But what if you don’t know where all the pieces go?

After all, you aren’t an expert in technology.

To fit the IT puzzle pieces into the big picture that is your company takes both business and IT support skill.


Because finding that “sweet spot” where technology and business strategy converge – providing your business with a high-impact technology foundation for your productivity – can be a challenge.

The IT services company that you choose to partner with must be one that can tackle complex integration and automation challenges, meet today’s cybersecurity threats head-on, and troubleshoot tricky IT issues with professionalism and competency.

A Potential Seeker

The right IT services company to provide you with technical support is going to be a team of individuals who are always seeking to squeeze every ounce of efficiency potential out of your business technology. How is this accomplished?

  • Investigate and evaluate emerging technologies for business-boosting
  • Learn the inner workings of the client business to be able to configure their IT systems to support their workflow better.
  • Look for places in the client’s work process that involve tedious manual tasks and try to automate those tasks.

By actively looking for ways to improve IT efficiency and modeling your technology to fit the way your team accomplishes their day-to-day tasks, a professional IT services provider can prove their worth and earn their fee.

A Preparation Expert

It’s all about the next step.

What is your company going to do next week, next month, next year?

Will your current computers, servers, network, and cloud assets be adequate?

What if your plans are derailed by a criminal act, ransomware, flood, fire, or extended electrical outage?

You need a Frankston IT services company that can prepare your technology to support your company as it rises to the next plateau of success.

But you also need someone who will prepare you to meet the unexpected, detrimental events that statistically happen to businesses.

By preparing for both sunshine and storm, a good IT services company can help you scale your business and face any adverse circumstance that comes your way.

Will You Find The Perfect IT Support Provider?

You and I both know that there is no such thing as “perfect” in the business world.

The question needs to be about direction – not perfection.

Here it is…

Will you find an IT support provider that understands your direction, your industry, and your workflow enough to support your success moving forward?

The Steadfast Solutions team works tirelessly to support businesses just like yours right here in Frankston! We’d be happy to talk with you about your IT services requirements.

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