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Interviewing Frankston IT Services Companies? (Questions/Answers)

Questions People Are Asking About Frankston IT Services – Do You Know the Answers?

Answers. Much of the internet is geared toward giving people the answers to the questions that crop up in their daily life. Many of those questions – and answers – are inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. (After all – do we really need to know how many cats can fit into a VW Bug?) But there are important questions that Frankston business owners, like you, are asking, and the answers you get to those questions will either drive the business forward or stunt its growth. So, without further introduction, let’s dive into answering the questions you’re asking about Frankston IT services and the companies that offer those services.

Question #1

Is There A Difference Between Computer Support And IT Services?

The term “computer support” is a term that is more heavily used by companies providing service to home users and micro business. At its core, the term “computer support” refers to service offerings such as computer maintenance and troubleshooting.

The term “IT Services,” however, refers to a much broader spectrum of high-level technical support offerings and is usually geared toward helping business clients get the most out of their IT.

Question #2

What IT Support Options Are Delivered By Frankston IT Services Providers?

  • Managed IT Services – Managed IT Services is a total care monthly subscription option that provides for the management, maintenance, security, and operational monitoring of a company’s entire IT infrastructure. This service is proactive in its approach, as opposed to the reactionary, break/fix model of computer support.
  • Business Continuity – A Business Continuity service provides the client company with the strategy and the IT components needed to retain access to their vital data and applications and keep the business operates in the face of localised disaster or criminal act.
  • IT Security – IT Security is all about keeping hackers, malware, ransomware, and other threats from entering your network and impeding your ability to sell and deliver your goods and services. This is accomplished through a carefully choreographed strategy of utilising the right software, training employees, monitoring for anomalies, and responding quickly to those anomalies.
  • VCIO Solutions – A Virtual Chief Information Officer is an IT professional who provides executive-level IT consulting on topics such as IT budgeting, IT purchases, risk management, and proposed growth strategies.
  • Cloud Services – Cloud Services generally have to do with the hosting and use of applications and data within a cloud hosting environment. Professional IT services providers can support data and application use in private, public, or hybrid cloud scenarios.
  • Microsoft Office 365 Implementation, Migration, and Support – Microsoft Office 365 is a more effective toolset if it is properly integrated with other business processes, managed, and maintained. While it is an outstanding product right out of the box, it is a big product with many features geared to efficiency that could be overlooked without the assistance of an IT professional.
  • Supplementary IT Services – Supplementary IT Services are geared toward the company that already has at least one in-house IT support staffer. In this scenario, the outsourced IT services company comes alongside the in-house staff and shoulders some of the IT support burdens. Often, the tasks taken on by the outsourced IT services company are projects or the ongoing, tedious daily IT tasks. This service allows the in-house IT person to focus on the tasks that never seem to get done. It also allows him/her to take needed time off for sick days and vacations.
  • Business Telephone Systems – Business Telephone systems have come a long way since the days of landlines and physical switchboards. This service combines cutting-edge professional business telephone functions with the new infrastructure of the internet. Also referred to as VoIP technology, internet-based business telephone systems are cloud-based, mobile-friendly, scalable, and usually far cheaper than traditional systems.

Question #3

Does Industry Experience Matter When It Comes To IT Services?

The short answer is, “Yes,” but let’s dive a little deeper.

Industry experience matters when you’re looking for a Frankston IT Services company because:

  • You don’t want a company’s IT tech learning on your dime.
  • You want someone who understands the processes and workflow common to your industry.
  • You want someone who can provide IT consulting that is specific to your industry and your situation.

There is one caveat. There are some industries that have similar (although not exact) workflow, processes, security concerns, and compliance requirements. An IT support provider that has successfully supported a company in one industry can usually make the leap to supporting a business in a similarly configured industry with ease.

Question #4

What Industries Commonly Need Proactive IT Services To Stay Secure, Efficient, And Competitive?

Virtually any industry that has a low or zero tolerance for downtime needs the assistance of an IT Services company. For example, the team at Steadfast Solutions specialises in delivering IT support to Frankston businesses in the following sectors:

Question #5

How Often Should We Expect An IT Services Technician To Be On Site?

It all depends on your agreement with the IT Services company. Some contracts stipulate that a technician is needed at the client company a certain number of hours each month. Often, this is in relation to a Supplementary IT Services arrangement.

It’s important to note that most IT support, management, and maintenance can now be done remotely. This development in the IT Services industry has led to the availability of a greater range of options offered as well as the cost savings they can offer as a result of not having to roll a truck to your location every time there is an IT issue.

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