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Steadfast Solutions Expands Data Centre Presence In Brisbane

Steadfast Solutions has expanded our data centre presence further north so that we can better serve our clients that operate in those areas and beyond.

In order to deliver an even higher quality of service to our clients, Steadfast Solutions has moved the critical infrastructure that supports our customers business in Australia’s first Tier IV colocation data centre – NEXTDC’s B2 facility in Brisbane.

Now directly and securely connected to our own data centre at 530 Collins Street, we have built and orchestrated a connected ecosystem of high performance, high availability resources that are custom-built to safeguard our clients’ mission-critical infrastructure and applications.

What Does B2 Brisbane Offer?

NEXTDC’s B2 Brisbane facility sets a new standard and industry benchmark for colocation data centres in Australia. It is the first data centre in this country to meet the comprehensive Tier IV certification requirements for Uptime Institute’s globally acknowledged best practice standards for data centre design, construction, and operational superiority.

Offering cutting edge fault tolerance for our power, security and connectivity requirements, Steadfast’s data centre services are backed by NEXTDC’s 100% uptime guarantee.

This all adds up to us being able to provide enhanced IT services to our customers so they can effectively innovate, disrupt and thrive in the digital economy.

NEXTDC’s B2 Brisbane facility is Australia’s first data centre to gain the following certifications:

Colocating some of our critical infrastructure in NEXTDC’s B2 Brisbane data centre represents the next steps in Steadfast Solutions’ commitment, investment, and growth in Australia.

It forms the backbone between our Brisbane POP and our Melbourne POP thereby supporting our ability to provide robust, flexible and affordable redundancy planning and Disaster Recovery services to our clients, so they never again have to worry about their systems being unavailable.

What Do Colocation Data Centres Offer You?

Working with Steadfast Solutions to store and access your mission-critical applications from data centres like NEXTDC’s B2 Brisbane facility delivers a number of advantages:

  • Off-Site Safety: By relying on offsite hardware, you gain a valuable contingency against any on-site emergencies. Power outages, malware attacks or other disasters can strike your business at any time, but by having your IT infrastructure managed safely off-premises, you have one less thing to account for during an emergency.
  • No More Upkeep: Managing your IT infrastructure isn’t only expensive, but time-consuming as well. Upgrading and other forms of maintenance are necessary to ensure your servers are in optimal condition, so why not let our team see to it for you?
  • Iron Clad Security: The data centre we use will allow you to store your desktops, data, and applications with a vast range of digital and physical security measures to ensure they’re safe from all threats. Managed firewall, antivirus, antispam measures, onsite security personnel, and more ensure the security of your server information so that you can do your work without having to worry.
  • Expert Management: Our team has the experience and knowledge necessary to ensure that the foundation of your IT environment is supported and maintained in optimal working condition.
  • Cost-Effective: The simple fact is that it would cost millions of dollars in capital for you to build, manage and operate a data centre of your own, from the hardware to the certifications and training for management staff, and so on. By outsourcing your IT environment to our data centres for a simple monthly rate, you get everything you need at a small fraction of the cost.

Find out more about NEXTDC, our Tier IV data centre partner.

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