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Outsourcing Managed IT Services for Large Australian Mining Companies

Managing IT services from within your company may be costing you both time and money. Turn over your IT services to the experts to improve costs and function.

Managing a large mining company is difficult and complex. Managers are required to manage people, equipment, and the data that is generated by technology. Data is crucial to large mining organisations, and determines what, how, and why you dig. But data management isn’t your core business or your main responsibility. It’s a tool that helps you do your job more safely and efficiently. Maintaining and updating the programs and hardware used to collect data is a full-time job. Yet, if you want to glean the best results from collected data, then it’s a must to perform routine updates, repairs, and security checks on time. It’s clear that outsourcing your IT management is the answer, a win-win for everyone involved. When you outsource IT management, IT hardware and software is managed by IT professionals who are dedicated to making sure that everything is updated, compliant and effective. These highly-trained professionals also keep all of your proprietary data secure.

What Will My Large Mining Company Gain from Outsourcing IT Management?

It is your choice how much IT management and security is outsourced, but you will save money and time, leaving your staff available to work on your core business. A managed IT services provider can manage any or all of the areas listed below:

1. Network architecture and project management

A team of IT professionals will work with you to improve and conduct replacement infrastructure efficiently and effectively, within budget.

2. Telecom architecture and project management

Telecom specialists will offer the best solutions for all of your system needs including LAM, VSAT, mobile, radio and others to optimise your communication systems.

3. IT security planning and optimisation

Protecting your data and infrastructure from phishing, malware, and other cyber crime attacks is a top priority. We will help you build a strategy and procedures for your database integrity, network security, replication and redundancy.

4. Bandwidth optimisation

Bandwidth is a critical issue, especially on remote sites, affecting large mining operations. But, it can be optimised to improve effectiveness for your operation.

5. Business process optimisation

Mining operations can be made more efficient and cost-effective with an audit of mission critical processes including compliance with regulations.

6. ERP optimisation

ERP optimisation can help you improve all of your operations and how they interact as well as remove duplicated effort.

7. Software solutions architecture and integration

A project life cycle determines which software is needed for your solution. Experience in working with the mining industry allows us to help you find the best solutions for your business environment without wasting precious time. You can save money by selecting the right solutions for your company’s size.

8. IT project management

IT professionals with the in-depth training and PMP-certification can take on any level project to boost your production level and increase your efficiency.

9. Business transformation projects

Need some support on a complex business project? A professional IT team can support your project to benefit your entire organisation and its culture. With rapid implementation and deployment to your company, the adoption of changes will be timely and successful.

10. Operating systems integration

The right managed IT provider can assist in integrating operations into your IT system without a lot of expensive downtime.

11. Data conversion and optimisation

Data is optimised for financial record-keeping, reporting, and analysis of profit and loss, revenues, and other accounting operations.

12. Business intelligence architecture and deployment

Real-time decision-making drives an efficient operation. With the added automation and artificial intelligence, your company will grow in the right direction.

13. Change management programs

Because the adoption of new technology can be cumbersome unless managed properly, hiring our dedicated IT team to help in making implementation proceed smoothly will make a huge difference. We can easily work together with your HR department for quicker acceptance.

14. Training programs for IT related projects

Adding new IT hardware and software requires training to keep your staff up-to-date and comfortable, and make the transition to new technology more efficient.

15. Regulatory compliance and governance

Compliance is mandatory for the government’s regulations for the mining industry. Records to prove compliance can be automated and integrated with your operations, for better record-keeping and compliance reporting.

16. Strategic planning

Proper strategic planning to integrate the latest technology into your mining operation, and adopting best practices will improve your production, to help you remain competitive in the mining industry. Outsourcing your IT management will give you the opportunity to lead the competition using the newest technology on the market with a team of professionals to keep it running optimally.