Cost of managed IT services in Australia

Cost Of Managed IT Services In Australia [2023]

Hiring managed IT services comes with a host of benefits, including reduced costs, given that you don’t have to maintain a full-time IT team. While this proposition is appealing, business owners need to understand managed IT services rates in Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, and across Australia before making up their minds.

Are you thinking about managed IT services for your business? Understanding different pricing models in your area can help you make an affirmative decision. Flexible MSP pricing models allow you to find solutions customised for your business priorities and budget. Here’s a glimpse of managed IT services rates.

What Does Managed IT Services Entail?

Before delving into the cost of managed IT services in Australia, it is essential to understand what managed IT services mean. Managed IT ideally means that you hire an outside company to monitor and manage your IT resources. Many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), opt for these services because they lack the resources to employ a team of IT professionals. Larger companies and enterprises don’t have a big problem hiring IT experts. Besides the savings, managed IT services allow businesses to pay only for what they need.

These services could either be fully-managed and partially managed. Businesses with an in-house team often opt for partially managed services to take care of specific tech needs. In this case, you get to choose what you want your provider to monitor, and when you need them to support you.

Partial management provides support for regular tasks ranging from backup administration to tech security. You could offload other jobs, including desktop support, helpdesk support, and server management. In this way, your internal IT team will have more time to focus on projects that drive business growth.

Fully managed IT services, on the other hand, are efficient and economical for SMBs. An expert service provider can help you determine the tech support you need to maintain smooth operations. Businesses with limited resources to handle their tech challenges can find reprieve from this option.

Factors Influencing MSP Pricing

Managed IT Service providers often assess your technology’s complexity before settling at a reasonable price. Businesses with more complex tech infrastructure tend to pay more for MSP services. The providers also offer different management levels, which differ based on the price and services provided. You may opt for essential services when starting and advance to comprehensive services, which may cost more.

As you think about hiring an MSP, here are a few questions you can ask:

What Are The Estimated Prices?

In many instances, the cost of managed IT services in Australia ranges between $75 and $300 per user. The broad range means that you need to assess your specific business requirements to find a reasonable price. Reaching out to a reliable service provider can also help you find a particular quote.

Managed IT Service Options

MSPs often structure their services in specific tiers, letting businesses select options best suited for their individual needs. These tiers vary in prices based on the benefits your business receives.

Basic IT Services

At lower initial costs of between $70 and $150, basic IT services provide a security team to monitor your servers and flag any issues. While these services offer numerous upfront benefits, businesses can spend more in the long run.

Mid-Range IT Services

With this option, businesses can make considerable savings, as your MSP helps you take care of issues before they occur. Their services go beyond basic monitoring as they look out for potential threats. You may receive IT planning, system backups, on-site support, disaster recovery, IT design, and 24/7 IT support for a flat fee. The prices range between $50 and $200 per user.

High-End IT Services

Businesses that require cloud or full hosted systems opt for these services. Your service provider can set up an entire infrastructure for your business, which may cost $300 or more per user monthly.

Managed IT Services Pricing Models

MSP providers in Australia provide different pricing models, including:

Flat-Rate Model

Rather than focusing on individual projects, this pricing model covers all the IT services of an organisation. SMBs prefer this model as it helps them plan their IT costs predictably. Outsourced IT departments provide support depending on their SLA whenever you experience system downtimes. With the flat-rate model, your IT costs don't change whether you up/downscale your services. MSPs apply it on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

Per User Per Month Model

MSP providers base this model on the number of users they monitor and support. With more business operations becoming tech-based, your MSP will consider most of your employees as users. If your employees use multiple devices, paying per user helps you make considerable savings. Monthly prices depend on your team’s number of users. This model, however, won’t apply for your servers.

Per Device Per Month Model

In this model, your MSP charges you for all the devices in your tech environment. Maintenance of your servers, desktops, firewalls, and switches all attract different prices. With this model, you’ll have an easier time providing an MSP price list to potential clients.

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