Azure Managed Services in Australia

Azure Managed Services In Australia

Steadfast Solutions provides Australian businesses with fully managed Azure managed services to assist with Azure installations. Get Your Free Instant Service Quote.

Microsoft Azure provides a myriad of benefits for businesses. However, deploying the public cloud requires expertise, and that’s why it’s crucial to work with an experienced managed service provider to ensure everything runs smoothly. Steadfast Solutions provides exceptional Azure managed services for businesses throughout Australia.

What Are Azure Managed Services?

With Managed IT services, your business can outsource all or part of its technology services to an external company. As a managed service provider (MSP), Steadfast Solutions can handle your IT services, such as Microsoft Azure, at a fixed monthly fee.

Since there are so many challenges thrown at businesses in this digital age where technology is a core operation, working with an MSP can help you navigate the hurdles. Our IT engineers at Steadfast Solutions are certified experts who live and breathe technology management. As a result, your business can essentially cut costs and worry less about technology challenges by alleviating the need to hire and train IT experts in-house.

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a cloud-based service that enables businesses of all sizes to deploy their IT solutions to the cloud. As a result, you can access your IT services from anywhere around the world. Typically, you can use services within Azure for varying workloads under the following classifications:

Each of these offerings comes with different levels of ownership and responsibility.

Benefits of Azure Managed Cloud Services

Azure can eliminate the need to invest in costly on-premises servers that leave you with wasted space that you might never use. With Azure managed services, you only pay for what you use and gain access to different Microsoft services.

To help you appreciate the value of Steadfast Solutions, here are some ways your business could benefit from Azure Managed Services:

1. Proactive Optimization

Managed Azure services provide endless proactive optimization opportunities. As an Azure Expert MSP, Steadfast Solutions is at the forefront of Microsoft’s most current technological advancements and Microsoft Azure best practices. In addition, we’ve gained a wealth of experience from supporting several Australian companies through cloud migrations.

Our expert teams have the confidence to tailor your cloud environment to meet your business’s unique requirements and growth goals. Besides, we monitor performance, reliability, speed, and optimization wherever possible. Ultimately, our goal is to ensure your Azure environment operates as expected with provisions to minimize disruption as much as possible.

2. Increase ROI

One of the greatest selling points of Azure Managed Services is the flexible cost structure. However, it can be a full-time job striving to keep track of costs without the right tools and structures in place. Steadfast Solutions’ Azure Managed Services include regular cost-efficiency enhancements and reviews where our team of IT engineers identify opportunities to operate and manage your environment as cost-efficiently as possible.

By right-sizing Azure resources to suit your workloads, checking the most cost-efficient software licenses, and spotting unused items, we can help you save costs and streamline your operations. These continued proactive reviews will ultimately match your cost to IT needs, hence improving your ROI significantly.

3. Protective Security

At Steadfast Solutions, we value our customers’ security. When you sign up for full management of your Azure environment, we take shared responsibility for your cloud security. And since the threat environment is constantly changing, we continually upgrade and update our cloud security approaches to always stay ahead of the hackers. In addition, we use Azure Security Centre and a host of best-practice technologies and tools to enable proactive security, including 24/7 monitoring your Azure environment with multiple pre-set alerts.

Additionally, we adopt the latest Microsoft tools like Azure Lighthouse to enhance your cloud environment’s security further. We also use technologies such as Conditional Access, Advanced Threat protection, and 2-factor authentications to provide extra layers of protection. Azure Lighthouse also enables us to provide a centralized set of security policies to simultaneously deploy to all our clients. As a result, any new patches or best practice policies can be applied quickly and efficiently.

4. Supportive Support

Your IT services need to be efficient, reliable, and a strategic enabler to ensure business growth. That’s why our cloud developers and consultants are backed by a talented team of world-class IT support staff to provide you with a fully managed IT service. In addition, your Azure cloud services will be available 24/7 for unlimited support through our Managed Services.

Our IT support team is always ready to provide answers to any questions you might have. Besides, our in-house centralized system manages your IT solutions all in one place. Whether it’s about predicting your Azure spend or raising support requests, our supportive support has your back.

5. Time to Innovate

For most businesses, the role of internal IT is rapidly changing. Technology is now the centre of business innovation, and internal IT teams support the broader business to optimize services and enhance revenue. By deploying your IT services to the Azure cloud, your IT staff can find the time between daily system and hardware maintenance to focus on other critical aspects of your business. Although Azure is a fantastic solution, your cloud environment can’t fend for itself. With our Managed Azure Services, there will always be experts and support teams managing the daily running of your Azure cloud environment, freeing up your IT team to handle other core IT operations.

Steadfast Solutions Is Your Azure Partner In Australia

Steadfast Solutions offers Managed IT Services on Microsoft Azure for all businesses in Australia. We have offices in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth and are well suited to support the entire country. We have unmatched experience plus advanced accreditation when it comes to Azure, making us one of the top Microsoft Cloud Partners in the country. Besides, we’re here for the long haul to help drive your business growth regardless of your goals.

Additionally, Steadfast Solutions provides business telephony and a wealth of extra IT services in Perth and Brisbane. We partner with many leading IT organizations such as Microsoft, IBM, HP, Apple, Fortinet, Telstra, and several others. When you partner with Steadfast Solutions as your technology solutions or computer repairs, we’ll provide that extra level of expertise and support to help your organization achieve the best results possible. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!