Choosing Aruba Switches

Can Aruba Switches Provide the Solution for Your Network Do-Over?

Thanks to Aruba switches, TFH now has a well-organised data centre to keep its 150 employees productive. Contact Steadfast Solutions today for more information on how to bring your company’s network up to date with your needs.  

Steadfast Solutions partners with Aruba to provide secure wired and wireless solutions that are easy to support and set up. Here are just some of the benefits of choosing Aruba:

  • Industry-leading warranty and support for the lifetime of product
  • Next business day replacement
  • Affordable solutions with +0% Financing for three years
  • Cloud-based platform for intuitive hybrid-cloud and multi-location management

What’s New in Aruba’s Network Technology?

When networks are siloed, managing them becomes complex and takes additional time and resources to troubleshoot. Aruba has enhanced its cloud network management platform, Aruba Central, to make IT operations easier so your managed service provider can concentrate on innovating your IT infrastructure.

AI-based optimizations have brought about several innovations, such as:

Time Savings

Save time troubleshooting infrastructure issues to prevent downtime. Aruba’s Analytics and Assurance are now available in the cloud-based platform, which lets IT professionals find and solve issues quickly.

Hybrid Cloud Connectivity

Control operational cost with hybrid cloud connectivity. This feature enhances branch management and collaboration managed via SD-WAN and SD-Branch capabilities that create centrally controlled policies for standardization and agility.

Flexible, Secure Topologies

Steadfast Solutions can deploy Aruba’s secure overlay in a large-scale, complex environment quickly to minimize disruptions to your enterprise.

  • Aruba SD-WAN Orchestrator is now a part of Aruba Central and allows gateway provisioning via a multi-tenant control plane. Enjoy transparent control that saves time and administrative costs for wide area network management.
  • Software as a service (SaaS) Express improves performance for SaaS applications. It also lets you visualize the end-user experience for Salesforce, Microsoft Office 365 and Skype, among other products.
  • Aruba Virtual Gateways is compatible with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. This makes the solution widely available to companies that wish to extend their security policies to projects in the cloud.

What Are the Results of Steadfast Solutions’ Case Study with Total Fence Hire?

Total Fence has 150+ employees and has outpaced its data centre. System lag, data storage and business continuity were at risk due to lack of server resources.

What Was the Solution?

Steadfast Solutions built and deployed an improved data centre for the company that featured Hewlett Packard Enterprise equipment, including:

  • Aruba 5400 Series Switches: This hardware brings flexibility in port usage and delivers expanded throughput between the client’s storage network and servers. Aruba’s 5400 series has a modular design that Steadfast Solutions consultants leveraged to implement a combination of Ethernet and DAC ports that both covered immediate needs and added capacity for future scalability.
  • MSA 2050 SAN: This portable, affordable hardware created dual controllers for redundancy and performance. Steadfast Solutions engineers connected it to the switch as well as the server infrastructure via 10Gb Digital-to-Analog Converter cables. This translates to reliable throughput of 1.5GBp/s on Total Fence Hire’s Windows virtual machines.
  • DL360 G10 Servers: These compact servers preserve rack space with future expansion in mind with compromising on performance. We installed 384Gb RAM and dual CPUs to accommodate heavy workloads. Steadfast Solutions runs its SQL and Terminal Servers virtual machines from the SAN.

Is the Client Pleased with the Results?

Total Fence Hire now has a well-organised data centre to keep its 150 employees productive. Aruba switches provide a high-performing base for the company’s many locations in Australia.

“Our server room used to look like a spaghetti factory, but now it looks like something out of iRobot,” according to Michael Quinn, Group General Manager at Total Fence Hire.

The new infrastructure tools gave the company the computing power it needed for future growth.

Contact Steadfast Solutions today for more information on how to bring your company’s network up to date with your needs.