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Cloudtango Lists Steadfast Solutions In Top MSP List

Cloudtango has released its seventh annual list of the top IT companies worldwide – and Steadfast Solutions is proud to be on it.

Every year, the Cloudtango media brand develops a comprehensive list to recognise the top managed services providers (MSPs) around the world. This month they released their 2021 edition of the list, which includes Steadfast Solutions.

“We work extremely hard to make sure our annual awards truly reflect excellence within the MSP industry,” said Jordi Vilanova, CEO at Cloudtango. “So, it is with great confidence that we selected Steadfast Solutions for its strong commitment to providing premium IT services, while accomplishing a high level of customer satisfaction.”

This list is part of Cloudtango’s effort to evaluate and make note of the most progressive and effective companies in the IT services sector around the globe. The list’s ranking is determined by an in-depth analysis, focusing on the delivery and quality of services including cybersecurity, support, infrastructure management, and cloud computing.

The Steadfast Solutions team is proud to have been recognised by Cloudtango for our ongoing efforts in the IT sector throughout Australia. Our team looks forward to further honing our service quality in 2021 and beyond.

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