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Eradicating Downtime: Century 21’s Assured Connectivity


Century 21 Wilson Pride Noble Park is a Melbourne-based real estate agency deeply embedded within its community, specialising in property around Noble Park and all surrounding suburbs. The agency prides itself on a profound understanding of the local property market, cultivated through over 90 years of combined real estate experience among its team members.


Century 21 was facing numerous IT challenges that hampered their operations, primarily in landlord and tenant services, which make up 80% of their business. Recognising the need for an upgrade, especially in their outdated phone systems, Century 21 sought a reliable IT partner. 

After a recommendation from a fellow real estate agency, they reached out to Steadfast Solutions for their proven track record in delivering efficient IT solutions.


Century 21 was dealing with a number of IT-related challenges that were disrupting their daily operations and client interactions – crucial for their real estate business. These challenges included:


Steadfast Solutions proposed and implemented a comprehensive overhaul of Century 21’s IT infrastructure, addressing each challenge with targeted solutions.

Transition to Microsoft 365:

Cloud-Based Communication System:

Workstation Upgrades:

Enhanced Security Measures:

Internet Connection Upgrade:


The IT overhaul has collectively underscored a significant leap in Century 21’s operational capabilities, directly addressing the challenges that once hindered their performance; in particular, they have not suffered any Internet dropouts or blackouts since the Internet upgrade.

Century 21 now effectively manages calls across different locations, ensuring uninterrupted service to their clients. The new cloud-based setup provides a more stable, scalable, and secure foundation for their business activities, enhancing remote working options, improving client communications, and diligently protecting data and systems.

Overall, the project has positioned Century 21 for sustained success, with an IT infrastructure that supports their current needs and is scalable as they prepare for future business growth and technology adoptions.


Moving forward, Century 21’s partnership with Steadfast Solutions is poised to evolve, focusing on leveraging emerging technologies and adapting to changing market dynamics. 

Steadfast Solutions will continue to provide ongoing monitoring, support, and proactive maintenance to keep Century 21’s IT environment secure and scalable. This includes regular reviews and updates to security protocols, system optimisations, and the introduction of new tools and features as they become relevant to the real estate industry.

Moreover, as Century 21 expands its operations or adjusts its business model, Steadfast Solutions will ensure the IT infrastructure can support these changes seamlessly. This enduring partnership is built on a foundation of trust, communication, and a shared commitment to future growth.

“Steadfast is great. I know that if I need something urgently, I can call them and they’ll reply back instantly. I know them by name, it’s a good relationship, with that personal touch between [our] teams.

“I think their availability is what sets them apart. I know that if I make a phone call, I don’t go to voicemail. I get through to someone and I think their record keeping system is pretty impressive, because I can speak to one guy today and speak to somebody else half an hour later, and they know what’s going on.”

- Bernard Quill, CEO