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Windows 10 Is Your Secret Cybersecurity Weapon

Exploring the key ways Windows 10 is designed to protect data, control access, and mitigate threats

Cybersecurity is becoming more and more important for businesses and organisations of all kinds. Gone are the days of reactive cybersecurity. In today’s cybersecurity landscape, IT security has to be proactive. That’s why we’re on a mission to help organisational leaders understand the ways in which Windows 10 was built with security in mind. The more your organisation understands how Windows 10 is designed to help you stay secure, the better position you’ll be in to optimise these tools.

The Importance of Built-In Data Security on Today’s Business Landscape

Today’s cybersecurity environment is more unpredictable than ever before. However, it’s not all just doom and gloom on the cybersecurity front. IT solutions of all kinds are being created with a “security-by-design” mentality; meaning that proactive IT security mechanisms are built into the very infrastructure of the solution.

This kind of proactive security is most important when it comes to a business’ operating system. Microsoft’s Windows 10 is one of the most trusted operating systems for businesses and organisations in all industries. Microsoft has done an amazing job over the years adapting to a rapidly changing business IT environment.

In fact, Microsoft proudly considers Windows 10 their most secure operating system yet. For busy business professionals, this is great news. Above all, it means that Windows 10 users can rest assured their operating system is proactively designed to keep their network and data secure. Simply put, Windows 10 is designed to prevent and solve problems before they even occur.

Here’s How Windows 10 is Designed to Keep Your Business Network Proactively Secured

Let’s get down to business. It’s great to talk about how Windows 10 was designed with built-in security mechanisms, but professionals like you want to know the details. How is Windows 10 designed to protect your business network? What do Windows 10 security mechanisms look like and how do they function? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

Here are the top 3 ways Windows 10 is designed to keep you proactively secured:

  • Threat Mitigation

Windows 10 is designed to prevent and mitigate threats before they have any impact on your network. Windows 10 is able to successfully disrupt hacking and malware attacks by preventing cybercriminals from accessing the attack vectors they rely on.

Windows 10 is designed to mitigate threats with the following mechanisms:

  • Windows Defender – uses Cloud technology and a variety of optics, machine learning, and behaviour analysis tools to efficiently and continually respond to emerging threats.
  • Microsoft Edge – designed specifically to interrupt hacking attempts including phishing, malware, and more.
  • Device Guard – protects your network from malware by deploying application control.
  • Data Security

Windows 10 is also designed with comprehensive data protection mechanisms in mind. Overall, Windows 10 is proactively designed to keep your data secure, while maintaining compliance and optimising user productivity.

Windows 10 is designed to protect your data with the following tools:

  • BitLocker – allows organisations to protect sensitive information from unauthorised access using military-grade encryption whenever a business device is lost or stolen.
  • Windows Information Protection – designed to separate and contain business data to prevent it from leaking to unauthorised users, documents, applications, or Cloud locations.
  • Azure Information Protection – works in tandem with Windows Information Protection and provides an increased capability to classify, assign advance permissions and share sensitive data.
  • Identity Management & Access Control

The reality is, user-error is the leading cause of business data breaches. That’s why Windows 10 provides forward-thinking technology that is designed to help protect user identities from being compromised and carefully control access permissions.

Windows 10 is designed to monitor and manage identity & access control with the following tools:

  • Windows Hello – an enterprise-grade password alternative that uses top-of-the-line multi-factor authentication security including biometrics, PINs, or companion device login tools.
  • Credential Guard – designed to protect against NTLM-based pass-the-hash (PtH) attacks and works by isolating user credentials inside a hardware-based container.

Calling in Back Up: Finding a Strategic Partner to Optimise Windows 10 Security

Now that we’ve covered why built-in security is important and explained the many ways that Windows 10 provides this proactive approach, it’s time to make sure you’re deploying the operating system strategically. Whether you already use Windows 10 or you’re thinking of making the switch, our biggest recommendation is to connect with a team of IT security professionals.

By reaching out for consultation, you’ll be able to determine the best ways to position your Windows 10 deployment to ensure you’re getting maximum security benefits. A team of professionals can also give you tips for additional layers of security that will work well with Windows 10 proactive tools.

When looking for IT security consultation, make sure to reach out to a provider who:

  • Is ready and willing to answer your questions clearly, in plain language
  • Has strong cybersecurity experience – especially in the Microsoft domain
  • Takes the time to understand your specific network security needs
  • Clearly explains their value and the return-on-investment you’ll receive
  • Explains how they’ll maintain an adaptive IT security strategy long-term

If you’re ready to talk to a team of IT security professionals who provide all the things listed above, don’t hesitate to reach out to Steadfast Solutions. The team of IT experts at Steadfast Solutions has extensive experience helping organisations of all kinds optimise their Windows 10 platform while incorporating additional layers of security for a robust and all-encompassing approach.

If you’re ready to take hold of IT security for your organisation and streamline your security infrastructure to promote maximum potential, reach out to Steadfast Solutions anytime at 1300 739 335.

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