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Nationwide IT Support

From our start as a break-fix and procurement option for small businesses, Steadfast Solutions has grown to represent one of the best service management companies in Australia.

We service all sizes of customers from boutiques to large retail chains, and in a host of industries from construction to professional services. One of the ways that we are able to add value to our customers is through our ability to quickly grasp the nature and needs of their business, and provide a solution that can be up and running quickly and cost-effectively.

IT Solutions

True Partnership

Steadfast Solutions focuses on creating a true partnership, a blending of our knowledge and experience and your business needs in a way that allows us to be a seamless extension of your organisation. Our goal is to provide you with stellar uptime, state-of-the-art security options, and ongoing health checks for your network and connected devices. When we think there’s a potential that you could outgrow your infrastructure, we begin proactive planning for the future immediately.

Proactive Management

Our active management includes an in-depth review every six months of your current infrastructure, as well as future planning that will help us see what we need to do to support your business needs — before we get there! No one likes surprises, and keeping us in the loop on your business strategy allows us to make recommendations that can be implemented strategically in smaller pieces over an extended period of time instead of the potential of causing a major service disruption.

Future Capabilities

The future of technology is in cloud-based computing, and we are working hard to fully embrace this new world of possibilities with VoIP, WAN optimisation and more. Our tight partnerships with Microsoft, Strategic Cloud, Amazon Web Services and HP give us the inside track to what’s coming next — and how we can leverage it to help support your business needs and growth.

Our Value Proposition

When you select a managed services partner, you’re doing more than simply asking someone to purchase software on your behalf and install it. You’re making a commitment that can last for years and that can help shape (or break!) the future of your business. Steadfast Solutions has over 16+ years of experience supporting businesses in Australia as they make their mark on the world; and can leverage that same knowledge, commitment, integrity and proactive style to support your business as well. When you’re able to focus on your core business competencies and allow Steadfast Solutions to manage your technology infrastructure, you are freed up to dream big and create the next generation of offerings for your business. We are an agile organisation — not afraid to try new things in a balanced and structured way.

Learning Organisation

We are not only agile; we are also a true learning organisation — constantly looking for ways to improve and to share that knowledge with our customers. We welcome new information and learnings, and continue to evolve as we bring onboard new employees and acquire other managed service providers. While robust enough to handle your technology needs, we are still small enough to be flexible and open to meet the exciting challenges that the future will hold.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can provide you with the support, service levels and imagination to help drive your business into the future.