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Data Centre Development & Implementation


Over their thirty years in business, TFH Hire Services had grown from a start-up in a garage to a country-wide enterprise. TFH Hire Services provides services to some of the largest events in Australia including the Melbourne Cup, Splendour in the Grass and the Sydney World Masters Games.

It was in 2018, when servicing the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games that it became clear that TFH Hire Services IT infrastructure could not keep up with their needs. As with most home-grown companies, the development of their IT infrastructure was performed as needed, on an ad-hoc basis.

Now with over 150 employees, TFH Hire Services had outgrown its data centre. Without the necessary server resources for their growing operation, TFH Hire Services was experiencing system lag, running out of room to store their data, and risking its business continuity.

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Steadfast Solutions redesigned, built and deployed a new data centre for TFH Hire Services, using a range of solutions from Hewlett Packard Enterprise:

  • Aruba 5400 Series Switches: This hardware provided flexibility in the types of ports in use whilst still delivering high throughput between servers and the storage network. With the modular design of the 5400 series, Steadfast Solutions installed a mixture of DAC and Ethernet ports which covers the immediate requirements while still providing the capacity to add more or different ports in the future.
  • MSA 2050 SAN: This hardware was installed with dual controllers for redundancy, connected back to the switch and server infrastructure using 10Gb DAC. In real-world performance, this is providing consistent 1.5GBp/s SMB throughput on Windows virtual machines.
  • DL360 G10 Servers: These servers offer small 1RU rack space whilst still providing significant performance capabilities. The hosts have installed dual CPU and 384Gb RAM with the capacity for an increase to accommodate extended workloads. With multiple 10Gb storage connections, Steadfast Solutions is running all of its virtual machines including SQL and Terminal Servers from the SAN with consistent results.


TFH Hire Services data centre is well organised and optimised to support their 150 employees every day at work. Switches from Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company provide a secure, high-performing foundation for Total Fence Hire’s multiple locations across Australia.

“Our server room used to look like a spaghetti factory, but now it looks like something out of iRobot,” says Michael Quinn, Group General Manager

This new infrastructure provided the computing resources that they need today and is designed to allow growth in scale with Total Fence Hire’s expansion in the future. As they continue to service major national events like the Commonwealth Games, TFH Hire Services will be better prepared, with IT resources that can handle their growing demands as an organisation.

Remote Site Infrastructure


In addition to their need for new server centre infrastructure, TFH Hire Services had similar IT requirements for their remote sites. Their line of work required them to work and deliver services all over Australia – they couldn’t afford to be left without access to their data, applications and key business contacts just because of where they were operating.


Steadfast Solutions developed a robust infrastructure for TFH Hire Services remote sites using a range of Aruba solutions:

  • 2500 Series PoE Switches: These were deployed at five branch offices for their reliability and capability to sufficiently power all the wireless access points and IP Phones in the office. Using Dynamic Segmentation, these switches automatically detect Polycom handsets allowing Steadfast Solutions to easily apply the appropriate policies and security profiles to the voice network, ensuring Total Fence Hires’ systems are well maintained and properly secured.
  • 200 Series Access Points: In addition to their reliability and performance, these access points were chosen for their dual internal antenna, which provide great speed and reliability while also constituting an easily integrated design and small footprint. Steadfast Solutions deployed eight for remote sites, and ten more to support the future expansion of the head office. These devices can also be automatically clustered, allowing Steadfast Solutions to save money that would have otherwise been spent on controllers, and technicians’ time spent configuring large groups of access points.


TFH Hire Services refreshed IT infrastructure is now right-sized for the business. With a robust enterprise-grade network that services its business across distributed locations throughout Australia, the whole company benefits from the always-on network, a reliable connection, a lowered TCO, and efficiencies in ongoing network management.

Company & Location TFH Hire Services, Australia
Industry Temporary Hire Products
Customer Base Catering, construction, and special events
Services Offered Temporary hire products including fencing, portable toilets, showers, water barriers, traffic equipment and more.
Case Study Respondent Michael Quinn, Group General Manager


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