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Recently, Steadfast Solutions, managed service provider and Microsoft Silver Partner, donated two new computers to Soap Aid in Melbourne. The donations will help with day to day operations within the organisation. We are excited to support local organisations doing good things in our community as well as around the globe.

Soap Aid

Soap Aid is a not for profit organisation founded in 2011. The idea was born from one family’s 25-year involvement in the business of hotel amenities supplies and their deep understanding of their commercial impact on the environment coupled with their desire to save the global community.

The mission of Soap Aid is to save and improve the lives of children in disadvantaged communities through the improved hygiene practices around the use of soap and to contribute to the reduction of environmental degradation through recycling soap. Soap Aid is the only organisation of its type in Australia and one of three around the world.

“Thanks, Steadfast Solutions for your ongoing support of Soap Aid!” says Diana Siniakov, Director of Communications at Soap Aid. “You are part of the team, working together to send recycled soap to communities in need, and save lives.”

Learn more about Soap Aid’s mission, and how you can support the cause, visit their website and follow them on social media.