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Steadfast Solutions is proud to announce the newest additions to our staff of IT professionals: Darren Duvall, Chris Watson, Glenn Bromham, and Alex Rutherford. Please join us in welcoming these new team members to Steadfast Solutions!

Melbourne IT Support

Darren Duvall

Service Desk Team

Darren started in the industry as a data technician, after which he gained an IT degree and worked as a systems administrator for the state government. Before joining Steadfast, Darren also worked as a contractor with a range of companies.

When he’s not working, Darren says he’s “managed” by a wife and cat. He’s also disappointed by the Hawks’ performance and hopes they can do better in the next season.

IT Support In Brisbane

Chris Watson

Service Desk Team

Chris joins us as the second “Chris” at the Melbourne Steadfast Solutions Office, but he says it’s OK to call him “Wato” to avoid confusion. Chris is 24 and has recently graduated with a dual certificate 4 in computer systems and networking.

Chris is very excited to be starting his IT journey with Steadfast Solutions. He’s been getting along with the team very well, saying that everyone has been very welcoming – he’s sure he will continue to learn a lot along the way!

When not at work, Chris lives in a home with 13 pets – one cat, one dog, two fighting fish, three horses and six cows. However, he believes there is always room for one more.

In his spare time, Chris enjoys playing video games and training in martial arts twice a week.

Networking Support

Glenn Bromham

BDM / Account Manager

Glenn joined our sales team at the Brisbane office in September as new BDM / Account Manager. Glenn is proud to be working here at Steadfast Solutions, recognising that we are a leading Australian company that is always growing and evolving within the IT field.

Glenn says he’s looking forward to continuing working with the sales team, and will enjoy enhancing and growing his skill set in order to excel in the Brisbane market.

Computer Service Company

Alex Rutherford

Projects Team

Alex joins our Melbourne office as a part of the Projects Team. He says he’s really looking forward to assisting customers onsite and help them meet their project needs.

Alex very much enjoys problem-solving, approaching and overcoming challenges, and learning about the technology involved in the industry in which Steadfast Solutions operates. Alex is excited to have this new role working with the team at Steadfast Solutions in Melbourne.

These new team members embody the values that make up Steadfast Solutions and our commitment to our clients:

  • To Work Towards Future Capabilities: The future of technology is in cloud-based computing, and we are working hard to fully embrace this new world of possibilities with VoIP, WAN optimisation and more. Our tight partnerships with Microsoft, Strategic Cloud, Amazon Web Services and HP give us the inside track to what’s coming next — and how we can leverage it to help support your business needs and growth.
  • To Provide Real Value: When you select a managed services partner, you’re doing more than simply asking someone to purchase software on your behalf and install it. You’re making a commitment that can last for years and that can help shape (or break!) the future of your business. Steadfast Solutions has over 13 years of experience supporting businesses in Australia as they make their mark on the world; and can leverage that same knowledge, commitment, integrity and proactive style to support your business as well. When you’re able to focus on your core business competencies and allow Steadfast Solutions to manage your technology infrastructure, you are freed up to dream big and create the next generation of offerings for your business. We are an agile organisation — not afraid to try new things in a balanced and structured way.
  • To Be A Learning Organisation: We are not only agile; we are also a true learning organisation — constantly looking for ways to improve and to share that knowledge with our customers. We welcome new information and learnings and continue to evolve as we bring on board new employees and acquire other managed service providers. While robust enough to handle your technology needs, we are still small enough to be flexible and open to meet the exciting challenges that the future will hold.

Once again we’d like to welcome each and every one of our newest employees to the team – Darren, Chris, Glenn and Alex. We wish them the best as they get to know our clients. We look forward to the opportunity to work with them each day, and we believe they’re going to be a valuable addition to the team!

Find out more about our ever-growing team of experts and what they offer your business. Call 1300 739 335 or email us at right away to learn more about our managed IT services that are designed to help you stay productive and cut costs.

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