Cloud native SIEM solution

Why your business needs a cloud-native SIEM solution

The digital transformation is forcing businesses to focus on their core competencies and adopt technologies that allow them to become more efficient and agile. This is why in an ever-growing market of solutions and services, cloud-native security solutions are seeing an increasing adoption rate. In fact, with an annual growth rate of 5.5%, the SIEM global market is projected to reach $5.5 billion by 2025.

Cloud-native Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions can gather, collect, analyse, and report on security and risk data within your business, helping you visualise incidents and potential risks across the network. This provides greater visibility into security events, allowing your business to improve its cyber security posture.

What is a cloud-native SIEM?

A cloud-native SIEM solution is an enterprise-level solution that is fully hosted in a cloud environment. This means the software is completely accessible through the cloud, and is monitored and managed by a team of professionals. 

Cloud SIEM solutions help your business collect, analyse, and act on security and risk data from its entire digital ecosystem. This is done more effectively, reliably, and efficiently than previous generations of on-premises SIEM technology. 

Cloud SIEM software like Microsoft Sentinel SIEM has the capacity to collect data from various security tools to create a holistic view of your security situation. This will help your organisation respond to security threats quickly and proactively.

Difference between cloud-native and on-premises

An on-premises SIEM solution is installed on your company’s servers and computers, as opposed to cloud SIEM which, as the name implies, is hosted in the cloud. In a cloud-native environment, SIEM systems must go further than traditional SIEM systems to provide visibility across all cloud services and applications.

Cloud SIEM solutions are easier to scale and grow with your business, as the cloud service is scalable and can accommodate any future traffic spikes or growth in your organisation. Cloud-native SIEMs are best suited to environments where organisations need to monitor large volumes of data in real time. The on-premises SIEM solution, on the other hand, has more limited scalability. 

A cloud-native SIEM solution is easier to set up and deploy than an on-premises solution. With the cloud-native SIEM, you don’t have to worry about installing or configuring hardware or software. On-premises SIEM solutions are a lot more work; you have to buy the hardware, install software, and make sure everything is working properly. 

The cloud is cost-effective

A cloud-native SIEM solution is cost-effective because it doesn’t require organisations to purchase, deploy, or maintain complex on-premises systems. 

Cloud SIEMs are fully hosted in a cloud environment and accessed via a web browser. This means your business doesn’t need to hire large teams of specialised technicians to keep their SIEM system running smoothly; instead, they can rely on a team of trained professionals who can remotely manage and monitor the system in real time. 

Furthermore, with a cloud-native SIEM solution, organisations don’t need to invest in additional hardware to store data, which can be costly and time-consuming. Instead, data is stored in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere. In fact, Microsoft Sentinel has been proven to cut business expenses like licensing, storage, and infrastructure by 48% compared to legacy SIEM solutions.

Stronger security and compliance

With a cloud SIEM solution, your organisation can collect data from every part of its network, including the cloud and on-premises environments, and across IT and operational technologies. This holistic approach to security and compliance is much stronger than a traditional on-premises solution.

Your cloud-based SIEM software will help strengthen your overall cyber security and compliance by providing real-time visibility and detection of threats, alerts, and incidents. It also collects data from across the entire ecosystem — including the cloud and on-premises environments — to provide a holistic view of the situation at hand. This provides a more accurate and complete picture of the situation, and helps you to quickly respond to potential threats. 

Faster detection and remediation

With cloud-native, SIEMs are built directly into the infrastructure, where log data can be ingested and analysed in real time. This is in contrast to on-premises SIEMs that require a dedicated server or application to process logs.

Your cloud SIEM collects data from the entire ecosystem and uses machine learning, analytics, and artificial intelligence to spot suspicious activity, allowing your business to respond to threats quickly and take preventative measures to avoid further problems. They do this by sending alerts when anomalous activity takes place and then remediate any issues as soon as possible.

Cloud-native SIEMs also offer greater security by virtue of their distributed architecture, which further reduces exposure to attacks by eliminating single points of failure.

Find the right SIEM solution for your business

A cloud-native SIEM solution is an effective and efficient approach to security and compliance. It provides real-time visibility into threats, alerts, and incidents, and collects data from across the entire ecosystem, including the cloud and on-premises environments. This gives organisations a more comprehensive and accurate picture of their network and systems, and helps them respond quicker and more proactively to potential threats.

The cyber security experts at Steadfast Solutions can help you implement top-of-the-range cloud SIEM solution Microsoft Sentinel into your business and manage it remotely for maximum effectiveness. Talk to them today and discover how to optimise your company’s cyber security.