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Who’s Piloting Your Company’s Digital Transformation?

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Let Steadfast Solutions Pilot Your Company’s Digital Transformation

Contact Steadfast Solutions today for help with your company’s digital transformation, migration to the cloud, and IT infrastructure needs.  

Digital transformation refers to the fast-changing digital technology that you rely on to solve business problems. This often includes the use of cloud computing and a reduction in user proprietary hardware. Also called digital disruption by M.I.T. Sloan, digital transformation radically improves the performance of your business when appropriately applied. So, who’s piloting digital transformation at your company?

Steadfast Solutions is an IT managed services provider that helps companies throughout Australia determine the best tools to enhance their digital evolution and provide the highest return on investment. IT leaders need to partner with other departments to keep new development, and IT spend closely aligned with the customer experience.

How Can You Build a Digital Community?

“In 2019, strategic digital transformation is only becoming more pervasive, moving beyond IT to impact competitiveness throughout the organization. Budgets are soaring. The list of disruptive technologies on the radar of stakeholders is expanding. Ownership is moving to the C-Suite and managed by cross-functional, collaborative groups. The customer experience (CX) continues to lead digital transformation investments,” according to the

Getting customers to engage with your company starts by providing a place to do so. This could be a useful website and social media presence. The more places that customers can engage with your product, the more opportunities you have to build loyalty and repeat purchases. Including a discussion forum, for example, creates an active conversation where clients can discuss blog posts and post product reviews.

How Do You Make Use of This Feedback?

By utilising this instant feedback, you can make your customers the pilots of your digital transformation. Will you be among the majority of companies that don’t make full use of the data they have in hand? Use customer data and feedback to target specific niches. You can also place ads where your desired audience will see them and respond accordingly.

Customer locations and interests help you build ads and offers that appeal to them on a micro-level. Find innovative ways to translate your data into knowledge that leads your customers to you when your product can be of service to them.

What Is the Biggest Obstacle to Successfully Using Digital Transformation?

“Eighty-three percent of IT decision-makers report data silos create business challenges in their organization. The research shows that breaking down data silos is positively correlated with a company’s performance. Sixty-eight percent of best-run companies reported on working to eliminate data silos and share insights,” according to a recent ZDNet article.

Internal communication plays a massive role in the successful deployment of digital transforming technologies. Silos between IT providers and other business units, such as sales and marketing, put any strategies you develop at risk. Steadfast Solutions consultants can help your business document and implement internal communication protocols that smooth the way for digital transformation and keep everyone in the loop.

It can be hard to nail down what digital transformation looks like in your company. Begin by considering all the outcomes you want to accomplish. Try to break them into bucks, such as:

  • Transform Your Products
  • Empower Employees
  • Engage Customers
  • Optimize Operations

Once you have a full list that all departments had a part in compiling, it’s time to form a steering committee to rank them. Each item on the wish list needs a corresponding cost and benefit analysis that justifies the effort and expense.

Contact Steadfast Solutions today for help with your company’s digital transformation, migration to the cloud, and IT infrastructure needs.