What Are Cloud Desktops and Does My Business Need Them?

It’s easy to find ourselves curious about all the new technologies that come up on a monthly basis. Especially those that promise a lot of things that can benefit our business. After all, that’s what we are looking for as owners, tools that can help take our business to the next level.

But it also pays to be cautious when dealing with such things. Just because other people say its good does not mean it is perfect for you. Each business has its own needs and how a tool can help you depends a lot on these needs.

Just take cloud desktops for example. Some 3 years ago, it was hailed to be the future of business but the adoption was slow. A lot of businesses didn’t buy into the hype right away while others waited for the first adopters to take it out for a spin first. Nowadays, businesses are lining up to get their desktops on the cloud.

Does this mean cloud desktop technology will help your business? Not necessarily.

In this article, we will be talking about what cloud desktop technology is and whether your business can gain benefits from adopting it. Let’s start?

What Are Cloud Desktops?

In any modern business, an employee’s workstation or desktop becomes their fortress. It’s where they work on a daily basis and it, to a certain extent, becomes an extension of themselves. By giving your employees their own workstations you are basically giving them an area they can control where they can set it up the way they want to be to be productive.

The only problem with this is that all the customization, personalization, and files within that desktop are stored on a hard drive. That means this fortress, this familiar area of productivity is stuck in a specific workstation in the office. This can pose a number of problems:

  1. When you have employees working on shifts they may change the customization set by one employee on a workstation to fit their needs.
  2. Employees have all their information and data on their desktop so if they are in a different location they can’t access it.
  3. When a hard drive fails, all the data and information may get deleted from the hard drive.

But what if all these things can be solved just one by one small change. That instead of putting all the settings, OS, and files on your hard drive, you bring it to the cloud. By taking it to the cloud, you can have access to it anywhere at any time as long as you have an Internet connection.

This is how cloud desktops work.

In a nutshell, a cloud desktop is a “desktop” that is uploaded to the cloud. A user may have access to their cloud desktop using any device like a smartphone, tablet, or laptop as long as they are connected to the Internet.

Does My Business Need Cloud Desktops?

This is a question that a lot of business owners have on their minds right now. Sure, it’s cool to have everything you need to work on the cloud but does your business really need it? Of course, it’s not really smart to implement a technology out of vanity and not out of necessity, right?

So let’s try to create a checklist that can help you determine if your business does need cloud desktop technology.

You need cloud desktops if:

  • You want to provide workplace flexibility – One of the most obvious advantages of cloud desktops is it provides your employees with increased flexibility now that they can access their stuff anywhere, anytime, and through any device. By using cloud desktops, you are giving your employees the capability to use the same technology without buying expensive tools or gadgets. And now with around 87% of organizations implementing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) schemes, team members can easily work and connect through any device they have at hand.
  • You want to save money – Moving to a cloud desktop workplace requires little to no upfront investment. While some businesses automatically think new technology means additional spending, it’s quite different in the case of cloud desktops. You don’t need to buy new computers or servers. It will work with what you currently have. In the long run, it will help you save money as you don’t have to pay for on-site maintenance and upgrading (which are costlier) as these things are covered by your cloud desktop technology partner.
  • You want to prioritize security – Cloud desktop technology was developed with security in mind. While the idea of being able to access data anywhere using any device can sound like a security nightmare, nothing is downloaded on the physical device. This means that even if the device is stolen or lost, the thieves won’t have access to your data. Your administrator can also wipe any applications or access points in your device that can connect to the cloud to prevent any data breach in mind.
  • You want to promote remote working – The world of work is changing as we speak and more businesses are leaning towards proving workers with the option to work remotely. Cloud desktops empower remote working setups as your employees can have access to everything they need through cloud desktops. They can be anywhere in the world and still have access to their desktops.
  • Your goal is business continuity – A business that is resilient is a good business. A data breach or ransomware attack can bring any business down to its knees. Heck, even a simple system upgrade can set back a business by a couple of weeks. Without cloud desktops, you can easily adjust and upgrade your whole workforce without suffering from any downtime. Any attack that can result in data loss or theft can be solved with the help of data backups that are stored in the cloud. That is if they can actually reach your data with the number of security protocols and 24/7 monitoring most cloud desktop service providers implement.

If you think you need or want the things mentioned above, maybe it’s high time you look for a cloud desktop technology provider. You can start with Steadfast Solutions.

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