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Supporting the writing community with modern cloud solutions

The Wheeler Centre is Melbourne’s home for books, writing and ideas. They have been supporting writers, readers, and thinkers since its inception in 2009, after Melbourne was awarded the UNESCO City of Literature status.

The Wheeler Centre uses a range of live and digital conversations, debates, performances, and readings to engage with the public about pressing everyday topics. It prides itself on creative collaboration, diversity, inclusion, and community engagement.


The Wheeler Centre were experiencing poor IT performance, coupled with unreliable support, and legacy hardware and software that was part of their tenancy. This IT environment was holding them back and wasn’t providing them peace of mind.

When the pandemic hit, The Wheeler Centre staff were working from their personal devices at home as desktops were used in the office. Due to the unreliable VPN connection and complexity of the environment documents were being saved locally on devices.

Their current IT environment did not allow them the flexibility, control, and reliability they needed to run their organisation. The Wheeler Centre goals were mobility, security, workflow capability, functionality, up to date IT environment and to take back control of their network and business.


After discussions with Steadfast Solutions based on their needs and budget, a customised solution was approved. It addressed their accessibility, connectivity, and security needs whilst allowing them to be independent.

The solution included:


The solution and IT support have provided The Wheeler Centre with:

1200% faster to access systems via a device

The process was a 4-step process before and now it is 1 click with added security.

600% faster to load and save files

The loading and saving process using the legacy system lagged, and now it is much quicker.


The Wheeler Centre was impressed with Steadfast Solutions’ responsiveness and they’re hands on approach during and after the migration. Support staff were on onsite for two weeks after the migration, assisting staff.

The Wheeler Centre has peace of mind that their new IT environment is working for them and are secure.

“We had received positive feedback about Steadfast Solutions, and they lived up to their reputation. We are now back in the driver’s seat of our business and systems, and we are confident that things are working effectively, efficiently and securely.”

~ Sally Rosevear, Office Manager, The Wheeler Centre.