Steadfast Solutions Webinar Replay How Does Ransomware Work?

Steadfast Solutions is proud to have recently hosted a crucial webinar earlier this month, providing valuable information to clients and newcomers alike on the ever-present threat of ransomware.

Presented by Steadfast Solutions Director and CEO Ian Brady, the webinar offered a comprehensive consideration of the topic, first helping attendees to understand what ransomware is: a cybercrime methodology that encrypts a victim’s files (making them unreadable), and only offering the key to recover the files after a bitcoin ransom has been paid.

The webinar then focused on how business owners and their employees can avoid ransomware, with methods including:

  • Always log into your supplier pages directly via the website – don’t click embedded email links.
  • Train your staff not to open emails that look suspect, to be wary of the source and links, and to only download files that you know are required.
  • Stay up to date on the latest developments of ransomware emails.
  • Regularly backup all your data so that you can easily retrieve recent copies of files in the case of an attack.
  • Ensure you have a malware scanning solution in place.

Next, the webinar presented ransomware support options that Steadfast Solutions specialises in. While there is plenty that the user can do to stop ransomware from affecting them, the most prudent move is to get fully managed, expert support, with features including:

The webinar was presented in part by Steadfast Solutions’ partner in digital security, Fortinet, with representative Panduka Samarasinghe, Fortinet Engineer, offering insight into vital security solutions to help attendees fend off ransomware attacks, such as:

  • FortiGuard Threat Intelligence, an industry leading real-time antivirus and antispyware protection service.
  • WEB Filtering, which allows WEB traffic control via WEB site categories and/or manually configured URLs. This solution can also inspect encrypted traffic with SSL decryption options.
  • IPS & Application Control, which detects and addresses malicious applications at layer 7 of the OSI stack, supports applications & categories including P2P, inspects encrypted traffic with SSL Inspection options, and will stop any known ransomware applications from entering your network.
  • Anti Virus / Botnet C&C, which detects and eliminates viruses and malware in real-time, as well as detects and blocks connections made to Botnet servers on the Internet.
  • Sandbox, the best defense against ransomware, which works by detecting “unknown” malware by behavioral analysis of files in the network.
  • FORTIMAIL, which protects against ransomware attacks delivered through email by blocking malicious messages before they are delivered to the user.

To learn more about keeping your business safe from ransomware, and to sign up for our next webinar, be sure to get in touch with Steadfast Solutions on 1300 739 335 or send us an email at today.