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Steadfast Solutions’ Nic Bryant Gains Microsoft 365 Security Administration Certification

Steadfast Solutions Is Proud To Announce That Nic Bryant Has Gained His Microsoft 365 Security Administration Certification

The security of your business’ IT is directly dependant on your IT partners’ cybersecurity capabilities – that’s why we invest in our skills, knowledge, and growth as IT professionals so that we can serve our clients better.

We’re proud to announce that one of our team members has officially received his Microsoft 365 Security Administration Certification. As one of our service desk engineers, Nic Bryant’s new certification will allow him to further contribute to our clients’ Microsoft systems security.

What Does The Microsoft 365 Security Administration Certification Mean For Our Clients?

As your Microsoft 365 Security Administrator, Nic Bryant will provide expert oversight for all security and compliance solutions in Microsoft 365 and hybrid environments. He has proven his ability to monitor and maintain these solutions so that end-users are not exposed to any cybercrime threats or non-compliance risks.

What does this mean for you? In his role as your Microsoft 365 Security Administrator, Nic will make sure that:

  • Only those with the right authority and identity will be able to access your business’ Microsoft 365 data and applications.
  • Your business is protected from known and emerging threats.
  • Your data is comprehensively protected from malicious and accidental harm.
  • Your Microsoft 365 environment is properly governed and totally compliant.

The point is that Microsoft 365 is a complex and robust platform – it has extensive security and compliance features, but when it comes to management and administration, they are not necessarily intuitive. If you’re going to outsource your IT management, shouldn’t it be to a team that offers certified expertise with the technology you rely on?

The Need For Cybersecurity Expertise

As the fastest growing sector of the IT world, cybersecurity skills are in high demand. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be an adequate supply. Recent polling performed on behalf of Tripwire found even more troubling evidence:

  • 93% of polled IT security professionals say the skills required to be a great security professional have changed over the past few years, which is making it harder to find properly skilled cybersecurity professionals.
  • 85% report their security teams are already understaffed, and only 1% believe they can manage all of their organisation’s cybersecurity needs when facing a shortage of skilled workers.
  • 96% say they are either currently facing difficulty in staffing security teams due to the skills gap or can see it coming.

Why Did We Invest In The Microsoft 365 Security Administration Certification?

It’s important to note that the MS-500 certification is not a requisite for anyone that works with Microsoft 365 – Steadfast Solutions didn’t enroll Nic in this course to maintain compliance or avoid penalties.

We did so because we know the value of investing in our staff’s knowledge and skills. It just makes sense to us that, if we’re going to use Microsoft products for our clients, then our staff should know how to keep them secure.

That’s the key to why this should matter to you and your staff; after all, don’t you want your IT company to have certified experts in the technology you use? We believe that the more knowledgeable and skilled our staff becomes at what they do for you, the better your experience as a user becomes.

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