Benefit from Microsoft Teams Calling

How Can Your Australian Business Benefit from Microsoft Teams Calling?

How Can Your Australian Business Benefit from Microsoft Teams Calling?

Microsoft Teams is an invaluable business tool, and according to Statista, its usage has doubled over the past few months, and it currently has more than 75 million users. It’s not hard to see why.

Businesses are quickly adopting remote working, and while this helps them cut down on operational costs, it also creates an urgent need for collaboration tools. This is where Microsoft Teams come into play. In addition to enforcing teamwork, this tool also has an invaluable phone system.

Here are the top benefits of Microsoft Teams Calling for Australian businesses.

1. It Unifies Internal Communications

Phone systems are a crucial aspect of business operations because they enable direct contact. Think about it; emails and messages don’t guarantee immediate responses, which is why phone calls are the go-to channel for urgent issues.

If you’re already using Microsoft Teams, you’ll already have all your productivity tools under one roof by adopting this calling feature. You also won’t have compatibility issues because it’s designed to integrate easily with the rest of Microsoft Team tools.

2. Affordable Pricing

Microsoft Teams Calling is fairly affordable, and the amount you pay for it is dependent on the plan you’re currently using. However, it’s important to note that this feature is only available for Office 365 licenses at the E5 level, and you may have to pay an additional fee of around $8 for it.

On average, domestic calling is charged at $12 while international calls are $24, but these are the default package prices. Should you exceed the allocated level of usage, you’ll have to pay more. Overall, this pricing is convenient for all types of business.

3. Flexible Plans

It’s up to you to restrict access and configure your account as you see fit, and the good news is that it’s not difficult. You can either change your Microsoft team plan if the change is major or configure minor changes on the back end.

Microsoft Teams Calling also allows you to determine which departments should access the various phone connectivity rangers. For example, you can restrict the finance department to domestic calls while ensuring the marketing department can make international calls.

4. Ease of Accessibility

One of the main features that make Microsoft Teams the preferred collaboration tool is its ease of access. It’s like a dream come true for businesses with many remote workers and those with offices in multiple locations because it is cloud-based. All your employees will need is a stable internet connection, and they’ll be able to access the calling feature.

The major drawback of traditional PBX systems is that they rely on the employee at their desk when the call is made. Now that most people are working from home, Microsoft Teams Calling comes in handy; the phone call goes to the intended recipient and not their device.

This means that they can receive your call from anywhere and on any device, as long as they are logged in.

5. Quick Support

Don’t you just hate it when you need customer support for your productivity tools and have to call different lines? Not anymore! You can easily get support for all your Microsoft tools on one platform. Whether you need help with your emails or phone systems, you’ll get it from the same number.

Enhance Your Productivity with Microsoft Team Calling

Whether your business needs a new phone system or are looking for a productivity suite that will help you unify communications, Microsoft Teams Calling will do the trick. It is a great tool, and Steadfast Solutions can help businesses make a move as a Microsoft partner in Australia.

We will also provide all the support you require to make the transition seamless. Contact us today!