Microsoft Office Lens: An App That Will Change How You Stay Organised

Centralize Information Like Never Before With Microsoft Office Lens

We hear from clients all the time about a tedious challenge in their offices and we bet you can relate. Picture this: you go to a brainstorming meeting with colleagues or clients and as ideas are firing off, they get scribbled down on whiteboards or notepads. When the meeting is finished, you want to capture everything on the whiteboard before its wiped away or upload your handwritten notes to share with team members.

This problem doesn’t just arise in meetings either. Perhaps you’re on an important phone call and take down some critical information on a post-it note that you don’t want to forget or lose. Maybe you want to edit a paper document digitally in Microsoft Word. In all of these situations, business leaders are looking for a strategic tool that will allow them to not only capture important information, but centralise it for easy access, editing, reference, and sharing. Luckily, such a solution already exists – read on for the inside scoop.

Microsoft Office Lens: The Automatic Capture And Scan App of Your Dreams

Ready for this? Microsoft Office Lens allows you and your team members to snap a quick photo of important notes or documents and then store, share, and edit those documents digitally. The application is so useful because it’s basically like carrying around a handheld, automatic scanner in your back pocket.

This strategic Microsoft solution is perfect for all the challenges we mentioned earlier. Want to save a phone number you took down on a post-it note? Need to edit a paper document that you don’t have a digital version of? Want to preserve the brainstorming session from your meeting room whiteboard? This pocket-sized app works like magic to digitise any important notes and reminders in the blink of an eye.

The possibilities are endless. Never lose a business card or post-it note reminder again. Streamline access, sharing, and editing of important business documents. Quickly brainstorm and sketch out big plans and capture them for later use and development. Easily capture and store quickly scribbled ideas so you’re never left scratching your head trying to remember. The best part? The application is easily downloadable from the Apple, Android, and Microsoft app stores.

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