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Looking for a better way to share your construction firm’s large files?

The nature of today’s construction business doesn’t make it easy to stay mobile and share files. AutoCAD, Revit BIM software and other technologies deal with massive, inconvenient file types and sizes, which makes it difficult to share, store and collaborate with those you need to.

Steadfast Solutions has years of experience in serving Australian construction firms and dealing with their industry standard data. We understand the pain points that firms like yours deal with every day, which is why we offer ideal cloud solutions that put your vital data at your fingertips from nearly any location.

As seasoned support partners with a number of Australian construction firms, the Steadfast Solutions team is proud to offer robust data backup capability that provides a range of benefits. With our file sharing solutions, your staff can securely and conveniently access their work no matter where they are, whether it’s at the office, at home or at a property, helping you to boost productivity and reduce downtime. While you may assume that this kind of convenience is bound to come with increased risks, with our suite of security solutions on your side you can trust that your sensitive data is secure.

The best part is that everything is provided through the cloud and hosted by Steadfast Solutions; all you need is your computer — whether at your office, at your home, or on the go — and you’ll have easy access to your files, simple as that.

Get in touch with Steadfast Solutions on 1300 739 335 or send us an email at right away to boost your construction firm’s mobility and convenience.