Improve your law firm with modern solutions

Improve your law firm with modern solutions and support tailored for the legal industry.

Did you know that powerful IT solutions combined with expert support can do wonders for your legal firm? Beyond the basic technologies you’ve come to expect, like desktop computers and Wi-Fi, industry-specific technologies and a specialised support can provide a range of benefits designed specifically for legal firms like yours.

Steadfast Solutions’ knowledgeable and experienced staff will show you how to leverage technology to boost staff performance, reduce waste and unnecessary costs and much more! As your partner in legal IT, Steadfast Solutions will help you:

Empower your firm with the best legal software.

We’ll find the industry-leading software and apps to meet your firm’s needs, as well as provide ongoing support so that they’re optimised and secure for your staff to use. As experienced supporters of the Australian legal industry, we know how to best implement Leap, Lawperfect and Infinity Law and can recommend a number of other vital legal software options, such as:

  • eDepoze, which can help your firm store committal or deposition exhibits electronically in the cloud, as well as introduce, mark and share exhibits in real time, both locally and remotely.
  • ExhibitView, to help you organise documents for litigation, as well as annotate, store and retrieve resources as need be.
  • TrialPad, one of the most popular Australian legal apps, which assists with document management and trial preparation and provides additional presentation tools that allow you to highlight text, compare documents, edit and display videos, search documents and more.
  • AustLII, designed for the Australian Legal Information Institute, which acts as an easily navigable resource of case laws, accessible from any location and any device.

Harness the cloud.

Modern cloud technology has transformed the practice of law in recent years. Beyond changes to business models, work methods and client services, the technology you rely on can revolutionise how your staff gets their work done. Our team of IT experts can equip you with powerful cloud solutions, including:

  • Storage in the Cloud, which will allow you to enhance your security, increase data accessibility for staff members and maintain vital business continuity.
  • Microsoft Azure, an enterprise-grade cloud solution that can provide your firm with vital file-sharing capability so that you can easily send and receive important information between staff members and clients.
  • Infrastructure as a Service, which will help you cut costs by minimising your physical hardware and making use of cloud-based counterparts, such as virtual servers, desktops and more.

Mobilise your law firm.

The right mobile solutions will free your firm from your office. With our expertise, you and your staff can work on the go, accessing vital information and performing tasks from home offices, client premises and elsewhere. Steadfast Solutions can equip your firm with a range of industry-leading solutions that you can use right on your mobile phone or tablet, with options including:

  • Microsoft Office 365, allowing you to access and use any one of Microsoft’s many popular applications — Word, Excel, Outlook and more — from the convenience of your mobile platform of choice.
  • eDiscovery Assistant, which can improve your eDiscovery processes by noting issues of the moment, giving you access to necessary materials for active pilot projects, featuring a range of templates and checklists, a useful glossary and more.
  • CaseManager, a simple, inexpensive mobile option for sole practitioners or small firms looking to perform a range of functions for their legal practice from a single mobile device.

Keep your clients’ information private and secure.

Representing your clients means a lot more than just winning their case these days. In today’s modern legal environment, you also have a responsibility to guard the privacy of their confidential data. That’s why Steadfast Solutions offers IT services for Australian law firms like yours, designed to enhance security and make it easier for you and your staff to get work done. Features include:

  • Managed antivirus, managed antispam and patch management to ensure you have up-to-date software to protect against malware, hacking and other digital threats.
  • Active monitoring of your IT end points around-the-clock to detect and resolve issues immediately before they result in costly disruption or downtime.
  • As silver partners with Fortinet, our firewall technology will keep your network safe from external threats.
  • Full management of the security of your Wi-Fi to keep your business safe without sacrificing the convenience of wireless Internet.

The Good News Is…

You don’t have to handle it on your own.

As vital as each one of those tasks is for your security, there is still the problem of making sure they are all done on a regular basis. That’s why a trusted partner in IT support can be so helpful.

The Steadfast Solutions team of legal IT experts understands that many law firms like yours are often unknowingly operating with outdated technology. With Steadfast as your partner in IT, you can enjoy many benefits, including:

  • Cost-effect, while an outsourced IT department is available around-the-clock, and compensated through your monthly flat rate, an in-house staff member is subject to business hour restrictions, full salary, annual leave and will undoubtedly call in sick from time to time.
  • Maximum Uptime, thanks to our fully managed support for your IT environment which will ensure it remains up and running whenever you and your staff need it.
  • IT Stability, that equips your firm with a reliable and effective IT environment thanks to our expert engineers, proven tools and industry-leading processes for consistently delivering best practices.

Stop relying on outdated, inefficient and ineffective technology to help you represent your clients. With our suite of legal IT solutions, you can revolutionize the way you and your staff approach legal work. Why not start today?

Reach out to Steadfast Solutions right away on 1300 739 335 or to find out more about the best technology for your Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane law firm.