How Did Steadfast Solutions Adapt To COVID-19?

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, organisations across the country and around the world had to quickly adapt their operations to continue remotely. Here’s how Steadfast Solutions managed their switch to remote work.

We’re now more than two months into the COVID-19 pandemic, and your business has likely been operating remotely for some time now. However you and your employees may be working, it can almost certainly be improved.

Do you know what issues you may be overlooking, and how you can optimise your remote work processes?

Gain some insight into proven remote work processes explored in this recent Business Owner Strategy Webinar, hosted by Prime Accounting & Business Advisory, and featuring Steadfast Solutions’ Ian Brady:

Steadfast Solutions’ 3-Part COVID-19 Plan

  • Go Paperless: In a time when social distance and the minimisation of contact surfaces was the priority, you can’t rely on hard copy documentation to share information. Steadfast Solutions removed their multi-function copier, invested in physical scanners and digital alternatives like Microsoft Office Lens, greatly reducing their dependency on paper and the associated costs.
  • Maintain Security: In shifting the workspace to each employee’s home, it was important to maintain access to work and data without compromising the security of that data. This meant implementing MFA across all remote accounts and VPN connections, rolling out a standardised password policy, and avoiding vulnerable applications like TeamViewer and Dropbox.
  • Implement Telecommunications: Employees need to be able to communicate and collaborate with one another from home in order to keep doing their work. This required evaluating telephony and Internet capabilities at staff members’ homes.

Ian also pointed out how important it was to consider it as an opportunity to improve, not as a cost-cutting exercise. This was a time to review, modify and optimise IT systems in place so that they best served the users at home. Often, however, cost-savings ended up being a side-effect of that process.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure how to deal with the challenges of remote work – you’re not on your own. The Steadfast Solutions team is available to assist businesses like yours in optimising remote work capabilities.