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Moving Business Telephone Services To Cloud-Hosted Phone Systems Is Easier Than You Might Think

Traditional phone systems are ineffective at keeping up with the demands of today’s enterprises. Landlines are not that affordable and simply too static to cater to flexibility your organization needs. So, Why not try something new? Steadfast Solutions has what your business needs. We have cloud-hosted phone systems that can deliver all-in-one solutions that can link your office to your employees. These solutions are so seamless and flexible that your employees can use them in a remote work environment.


“We are an independent Real Estate Agency in the Western Suburbs of Brisbane ‘our livelihood is internet & computers” without the professional experienced support of Steadfast Solutions this business would not survive. They are holding our hands and taking us to the next level which is totally cloud-based. Without the trust I have in the Team at Steadfast Solutions we would never consider taking this giant step. I would recommend Steadfast Solutions to any small business – they will work at your speed and budget. Thank you Steadfast Solutions – this is one area in the business that I don’t have to worry about.”

~ Christine Hayter

Migrate Your Business Phone Systems to the Cloud Today!

Do you feel like you could be getting more out of traditional phone-based systems? Well, you could try upgrading them to fit your needs. But, this might cost a lot more than simply moving Cloud PBX for even more features than your current solution provides.

Key Features of Cloud PBX:

Forget about buying, managing, and servicing hardware with steadfast Solutions’ cloud PBX systems. All you need to get started is a small initial monthly payment to access our quality VOIP experience. You can start with as few as four extension lines and expand or downscale to reflect your business’ changing business requirements.

This helps your company to mitigate the risks presented by owning and operating in-house telephony equipment. With less stress about such issues, you can focus on other aspects of your business that will help it expand or meet daily client demands.

What’s more, you get free calls within the office (on-site, multi-site remote offices, or mobile), which drastically reduces your monthly phone bill. This also ensures you need less constant on-site support. All these factors can maximize your ROI translating to more savings.

Cloud PBX: it’s Essential to Your Growing Business Needs

Steadfast Solutions is a provider of the most flexible cloud phone systems. With such systems, hardware upgrade costs can be a thing of the past. You don’t even have to worry about your phone cost as your business expands and you won’t need to pay the same amount when you experience shortfalls. There’s also no stress over Scheduling an installation and no more delays.

It’s all rolled into one convenient and easy deployment, and you have all the features you need. You’re also free to add more features as quickly as your business demands.

Supercharge Your Service Delivery Capacity and Efficiency

Improve your business systems and employees’ productivity through powerful business phone features such as:

Smartphone Business Integration

Smartphone features such as presence engines, contact synchronization, and presence engines deliver a world of convenience. Now, imagine the possibilities presented by integrating them into your business systems. Add a graphic user interface that makes it easier to start and manage conference calls. You can have such features built into smartphones. Your organization can also connect to Steadfast’s cloud communicator through an intuitive interface.

Real-Time Desktop Management

Steadfast Solutions’ presence panel lets you see whenever extension users are available. This makes this desktop application ideal for staff members that receive many inbound calls. It comes with a click call functionality that significantly improves the overall caller experience.

Integrated Voice and Email Solutions

Does your current set up integrate telephony and email services? Your business is missing a world of convinces if that’s not the case. Fortunately, Steadfast Solutions has e-call, a plugin that seamlessly integrates both functionalities into a simple desktop environment.

You can also import phone directories as well as Microsoft Outlook and Exchange contacts into the platform. With such a feature, you’ll be able to recognize incoming calls from popups and click-to-call within Outlook.

Flexibility Matched to Your Business Needs

Add and shift phone extensions in an intuitive self-serve administrative process. It works just as seamlessly for multi-site just as it would for a single site. – It should never be a tediously technical process.

Steadfast’s cloud PBX comes even more features that are flexible:

This solution has features made with enhancing the call experience of the individual incoming user in mind, such as Find Me. It also comes with call forwarding features such as Follow me, which enables employees to manage and serve inbound callers better.

Such features allow you to take charge of your communications. It affords employees the flexibility needed to adapt to changing business needs even when away from the office.

Remain Contactable

With Steadfast Solutions’ cloud PBX products, your clients can reach you wherever you are. It doesn’t even matter if your not in the office. You can deliver the same consistency, whether at home, in a restaurant, or on the move.

Best of all, these solutions work for workstations, Cloud Communicator UC clients (PC-based smartphones), or any certified IP handset. They are cloud-deployed, which means you won’t have to rely on the telephony equipment in your premises heavily. Such robust solutions can also help your business rebound rapidly from any unforced disasters.

Why You Need Steadfast Solutions

Steadfast Solutions has vast experience when it comes to VOIP solutions and related services. We have helped many organizations navigate the complexities of real-time business crucial communications. Our expertise is especially helpful for small and midsized companies.

Why Should You Opt For Steadfast Solutions?

We are based in Melbourne and Brisbane but are strategically placed to deliver quality services nationally.

Leave your landlines back in the past! For additional information on Cloud PBX, please reach out to Steadfast Solutions at 1300 739 335 or send us an email at