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Security is one of the most active topics today around technology tables, and for good reason. With cybersecurity threats growing into a multi-trillion AUD per year industry, ensuring that firewalls and other security measures are in place is more important than ever before.

Attacks are coming at the speed of light, and they are more effective due to the continuous changes in technology that IT leaders have to contend with. While having adequate IT support onsite is a good option, having security professionals working to keep your network secure with the best Fortinet support in Melbourne will provide you with additional peace of mind and the ability to focus on your core business.

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Growth of Cybercrime

Entrepreneurial thinking is alive and well, and nowhere is that more evident than in the cybercrime realms. It can be incredibly lucrative for unsavory individuals to access data that you think is secure and utilize it for nefarious means. The global expansion of cyber criminal actors and their offenses continues to damage business reputations and finances, while small- to medium-sized businesses struggle to maintain firewalls and other security mechanisms to prevent intrusions. The real and significant threat presented by cybercrime has caused law enforcement professionals to enhance their skill sets and capabilities, but the constant shifts make it difficult to focus in this realm when the physical realm requires continuous attention. The rise in ransomware is merely the latest in a laundry list of malware threats, and they’re not likely to lose prominence in the near future due to their difficulty to detect and their overall effectiveness at taking down a business and making a profit for hackers. However, the criminal use of data gets the most attention, as high-profile organizations fall prey to the hacking of personal details such as credit card numbers.

Digital Security Standards

Organizations today need not just the right protection, but also quick and easy access to information throughout the network. If your business is secure (but slow), it’s still a loss — because your clients will be frustrated and your employees will be less productive than you would like them to be. Understanding how to strike just the right balance in your digital security standards is as essential as finding the right firewall and security solutions that will meet your business and technology needs both now and in the future. An effective defense requires excellent end-to-end integration of data and security elements so you can share intelligence, have detailed controls and easily manage your security suite regardless of the physical location of your data. Fortinet Security Fabric provides you with high-quality security without forcing you to compromise the ease of use that your business users and customers demand from your organization.

Fortinet-Certified Solutions

Fortinet Firewall Management is an important part of your cybersecurity framework, and our professionals will show you first-hand how to keep your network secure with the best Fortinet support in Melbourne. When we protect your organization with industry-leading Fortinet solutions, you’ll have more time to focus on solving tough business challenges and leap-frogging the competition. Fortinet Certification is important because it lets you know that your solutions provider has taken the time to expand their knowledge and expertise to protect your business-critical assets from vicious cyber attacks. Certified solutions consultants are able to fully leverage Fortinet’s global, secure and ultra-fast cyber security platform and are also recognized as elite professionals within the global security realm. This critical step helps ensure that customer data is secure, and that the technical skills and expertise of your selected partner are at the highest level possible.

Fortinet FortiGate

Whether you’re looking for entry-level, mid-range or enterprise FortiGate firewalls, each implementation will be custom-fit for your organization to serve your specific network needs and performance demands. Fortinet solutions provide leading-edge cyber security, with:

  • Highly-detailed and granular control over users, applications, and devices
  • Actionable reporting to support user training and feedback
  • A single, easily manageable platform that offers a comprehensive overview of your security platform
  • Protection testing by highly-rated Virus Bulletin, AV-Comparatives, ICSA Labs and NSS Labs
  • More effective enforcement policies, supplemented by targeted attack analysis and adjustment
  • Unparalleled real-world effectiveness

Protection You Can Trust

When your network is secure and operating within well-defined parameters, your IT team is able to focus on driving your organization forward instead of patching holes in leaky servers. Business professionals will appreciate the ability to trust that data will be available quickly and seamlessly, and technology professionals will be ecstatic that they no longer receive phone calls at all hours of the day and night with security emergencies. Creating a smart firewall within your organization requires tools and training and improves over time as various threats are identified and halted.

Maintaining adequate digital security standards is critical to preventing network insecurity, so companies just like yours can avoid a breach that threatens your entire data network. It’s important to keep your network secure with the best Fortinet support. Our team at Steadfast Solutions will work closely with you to ensure that you not only have easy access to your data, but that your security is always held to the highest standards. Contact us today at 1300 739 335 to learn more about protecting your sensitive business data.