7 Reasons Your Your Australia-Based Business Should Opt for Outsourced IT Support

The best way to get the most from your technology is by partnering with a professional IT support team. The sooner you do it, the sooner you can get back to what you really love doing—building your own business and serving your valued customers.

Your internet technology plays a critical role in your day to day business operations.

Like a lot of companies, you’ve tried to manage your IT needs in-house.  It’s been working okay for you, but you have to admit that it just isn’t ideal.

You’re acutely aware that you are not an IT person, and tying up one of your valuable staff members just isn’t an option anymore.

You’re ready to make the leap to outsourced IT services for your business.

The best way to get the most from your technology is by partnering with a professional IT support team. The sooner you do it, the sooner you can get back to what you really love doing—building your own business and serving your valued customers.

Did you know that research shows that many Australia-based companies are turning to outsourced IT services?

In recent years, Australia-based businesses have begun to boom.  What does this mean on the whole?

It means that every company is looking for a competitive edge.  To truly stand out, businesses need to have “leg up” on other companies in similar markets.

Homespun IT solutions just won’t cut it when only slim margins separate business choices for the Australian consumer.

Leveraging outsourced IT solutions is one way to set your company apart from the competition.

Statistics show that approximately 80 percent of Australia’s leading businesses use outsourced IT support teams for all of their technology needs.  This simple switch has allowed these companies to enjoy a nearly 200% increase in overall office productivity.

As if that is not a powerful enough incentive to hire an outsourced IT department now, these same companies also realised a 2/3 reduction in IT expenditures.

So, it’s a no-brainer—you save money and increase productivity dramatically with one simple move—outsourcing your IT needs to the right company.

Recent studies show that companies on a global scale realise the value of outsourcing their IT.

A 2016 study by Deloitte noted that:

Cost, enabling core business functions, and solving capacity issues are primary drivers to outsource. Leading practice organisations use outsourcing to drive transformational change and improve business results.

What does this mean?

It means that leading Australia-based businesses are choosing outsourced IT because the benefits cannot be denied.

Among the advantages provided by outsourced IT services are:

It is hard to refute that outsourced IT is the way forward for businesses of today.

Let’s take a closer look at seven great reasons why you should consider outsourced IT for your busy company.

1. Save Your Company Time and Money

It’s hard for most companies to understand how SPENDING money for a service equates to MAKING money in the long run, but it is true with outsourced IT.

Just think about the time it takes for you or one of your employees, who is not tech savvy, to try to work out the kinks that arise with your technology.  It takes quite a bit longer than it would take an IT professional.

But…consider this, who is doing the work you or your employee should be doing during that same time?

That’s right—NO ONE.

So, you are paying a highly skilled and valued staff member to do something that is not in their wheelhouse. It takes them longer than it would take a professional to do the same job, and your employee’s regular work isn’t getting done.  You’ve paid 2.5 times what you should be paying, and you’re still not working with an IT expert.

Doesn’t it make more sense to hire an IT professional who can get the job done in a fraction of the time?

This is how you can increase productivity in a business.  With outsourced IT support, you have access to a team of professionals who can manage your IT for you.  You never need to be concerned about whether your systems are up to date or what you’re going to do if there is a power outage.  You have technical support specialists who worry about those things — so you don’t have to.

With that headache off your shoulders, you can then focus on the work of building your business and keeping your clients happy.

Yes, outsourced IT does cost you something.  But most IT services providers offer affordable, flat-rate monthly pricing to fit any budget.  You may pay a few dollars more a month for managed services, but you will buy back time and increase overall office productivity in the end.  It’s a wise investment.

2. Maximize the Potential of Your Current IT Assets

You have a lot of technology assets already.  And no doubt you have some of the latest and greatest in the tech world today.  But are you using it to its fullest potential?

Outsourced IT technicians can help you make the most of what you already own.  If you are like most businesses, there are likely a few computers, a server, or peripheral devices in your office that do little more than collect dust and cost you money.

It’s time to downsize!

An outsourced IT department will help you streamline and simplify your IT infrastructure which will free up space and save you money.

More than that, technical support specialists know the ins and outs of technology.

Many programs, like Office 365, are user-friendly, but an expert IT technician can bring out the best in these services to help your business really shine.  If you liked your IT environment before, you will love it after working with outsourced IT services.

It’s not about spending more; it’s about using what you have to its greatest potential.

3. Increase Company Productivity

Outsourced IT teams make it their business to help your business get the most from your technology.  Part of that is helping you to be the most efficient that you can be.

When your IT runs like a well-oiled machine, you can devote yourself entirely to the work at hand without distractions.

4. Gain Enhanced Security

Cybersecurity is on everyone’s mind. It’s no longer something that can be left in the hands of a layman.  Home-based security programs just aren’t going to cut it anymore.

Outsourced IT companies make it their business to know what’s going on in the technology world and the IT underworld.  They are knowledgeable of the latest in cyberattacks and viruses, and they know what protection needs to be in place to prevent problems.

When you outsource your IT to a professional firm, you get access to systems that are monitored, tested, and protected 24/7.   Expert security technicians assess your IT infrastructure for potential weaknesses, and if found, they remove them and reinforce the layers of protection to guard against any future attack.

The best approach to IT security is to be proactive.  If you are on guard, you cannot be caught by surprise, and that is precisely what an outsourced IT company provides for you—always on guard protection to keep you and your data safe from harm.

5. Improved Employee Focus

You might be asking yourself how an outsourced IT firm is going to help your employees better concentrate on their jobs.   The problem isn’t lack of ability to concentrate.  The problem comes in when employees either lose their productivity to slow, ill-functioning technology.   It’s hard to get the job done when the tools aren’t up to the task.

More than that, if you’ve been tasking an employee with managing your IT needs, their focus is divided, and they can’t give their best to either their job or the technology.

Outsourced IT allows your employees to focus on the work you hired them to do.

6. Mobilize A Dedicated IT Team

It’s a beautiful thing to watch people working away at something they love.  And let’s face it—

You don’t love IT maintenance, and neither does your staff!

…but managed IT services companies do.

Outsourcing your IT support allows you to partner with IT professionals who are passionate about what they do.  They are singular in focus.  Their goal is to bring you the best technology functionality to help you achieve your business goals.

7. Procure Access To The Latest In Technology

It’s hard to navigate through the minefield of technology today.  Something new springs up, and you’re left scratching your head wondering if you need to race out and buy it.

The hype is slick!  The advertiser says, “Want to do things faster?  Buy this new product!”

The truth is, products rarely live up to the spin put on them by their company’s marketing department.  At the same time, often technology does come out with something that really could help your business improve.

How do you know the difference?

You don’t.

Without being an IT professional, it’s hard to discern what to invest your hard-earned money in.

Technical support specialists take the time to work with the newest technologies and software programs so that they can help you leverage the best for your business.

Convinced it’s time to outsource your IT to a professional IT team?  Looking for a top-tier firm to help your Australia-based business?

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